How to Do 1940 s Hairstyles

Some of your might be wondering the hairstyles from many years ago. What became trends in many decades before? One of the most popular hairstyles is 1940 s hairstyles. The glamorous hairstyles were introduced by some glamour celebrities including Rita Hayworth and Bette Davis. 1940s hairstyles were exemplified with curls in each hairstyle. The curls were defined as the polished femininity. You might see these old school styles are still popular in many fashion magazines. The side parts and pin curls are still replicated authentically nowadays. If you are wondering how to do 1940 s hairstyles, you need to follow some simple tips below.

The first thing to do is pinning the entire head in pin curls. You need to comb your hair out in 1-inch sections before rolling them around the index finger. You can push the curl to the root of the head with your hand once it is secured. Next, you need to place two bobby pins in the hair to hold the curl in its place. Put the first bobby pin straightly across the middle of the curl. It is done to anchor it to the hair. For the second bobby pin, you need to go in the hair in angle perpendicular to the first bobby pin. As the final result, your bobby pins will make the X letter on top of the curl.

The next step which you need to do on how to do 1940 s hairstyles is repeating the pinning process. You need to repeat it until the entire head is pin curled. You should leave the style for at least 8 hours. Due to this reason, you should apply this process at night. In doing this at night, you can complete on how to do 1940 s hairstyles appropriately.

After 8 hours, you are able to remove the pins before shaping the curls with your finger gently. This process is considered as the basic starting point for any 1940 styles. You can comb the hair to one side and bobby pin for a page boy look. This look is simple but also very elegant. As another option, tips on how to do 1940 s hairstyles recommend you to pull your hair into ponytail after making a side part. This style will give you 1940s school girl look. Do not forget to pull your front bangs out before rolling them towards your forehead. Pin your bangs to get extra height. These steps will produce you cool rock look from 1940s.

Whatever style you choose, you need to complete the look with hairspray. According to tips on how to do 1940 s hairstyles, there will be no style which is complete without hairspray. The main function of the hairspray is holding the style together.

For men, tips on how to do 1940 s hairstyles recommend you to shaving your head or having crew cut. 1940s was the years when war happened. Most men spent their time in active military service. They would simply cut their hair short. After the war was over, most of them grow their hair out especially in the front areas. Many men copied the hairstyles of Actor Humphrey Bogart who was very popular that year.

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