How to Make Boutique Style Hair Bows

Bows may be identical with little girls or teen girls since at their age, they must really like cute things and bows are also identical with a cute definition especially when it comes to the bows accessories worn on the hair and if you are one of the parents seeing that your little girls are fans of the bows, you can start learning on how to make boutique style hair bows. Bows are actually not favorite for teen or little girls but many adult women still like wearing bows to beautify their looks and fortunately, you can make them yourself. When the basic bow details have been mastered, the various types of bows will be easier to make.

    On how to make boutique style hair bows, you need to prepare some important items that will be needed by you in the process of making, like alligator clip or French clip, hot glue gun, hot glue, florist wire, ruler, clear nail polish, scissors, 1 or 2 ВЅ inch length of 3/8 inch ribbon, 17 inch length of ribbon, 2 11-inch lengths of grosgrain ribbon with any width, and also 2 9 inch lengths of grosgrain ribbon with the same size or thinner than 11 inch pieces. Now, are you ready to go for the next step?

  • Now, for the first step, you can cut your lengths of ribbon before the tips of each one can be dipped in clear nail polish and left to dry. This step should never be missed out because this is necessary to prevent the end of your ribbon from fraying. Be careful during the process of making.
  • Each length of ribbon can also be folded over itself and this can also be overlapped slightly so a loop can be formed. The ends can be glued to make it more secure. The process can then be repeated for all length of ribbon except for the 3/8 width ribbon.

    Cutting a three inch length of wire and laying this flat on your work surface becomes the next step on how to make boutique style hair bows and then your two larger loops can be placed side by side on wire before bringing the wire together in the middle and twisted tightly. The step before can be repeated for medium sized loops. A length of wire can then be wrapped tightly around the center of the smallest loop.

    Stacking medium loops on top of larger loops must be done before you can wrap wire around both sets of loops and the smallest loop can be placed on top of already stacked loops and wired together. You can then trim wire on back of bow and hot glue wired loops to barette before wrapping 3/8 inch of ribbon around barrette and bow. Glue seams on the back of the bow before the bow is fluffed and the loops are positioned as desired.

  • It is also suggested to try using different types of ribbons so a more creative look can be created.
  • The sol >The how to make boutique style hair bows steps are not that difficult, right? Have a great time to practice making the bows! Good luck for your trial!
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