How to Remove Make Up as Well

Makeup is a necessity to everyone especially woman. For woman, makeup is not heard commonly В in her years. They are use make up in everyday, every time, and in all occasion. Such as when go to the office, party or many things. Make up provide the good aspect such as look fresh, beautiful, and good looking.

Everyday your face has been covered in make up

Makeup is the important aspect in woman’s life. Sometimes, not just woman use a makeup but also men use this. But not too

In removing the makeup you should

The damage if not remove a makeup

In applying makeup you should thinking of how to remove the makeup on your face. When you remove makeup you should remove totally. Because if you not remove will make a worst for skin face.

Sometimes, not all of people remove the makeup as well. It can make the acnes is come. Not other than acnes but there are a few worst such as wrinkled, eyelash loss, eye irritation, and make your lips so darken.

A few Step to remove makeup

You have to know, not allowed the makeup for sleep. Make sure before you get to sleep you should remove makeup on your face. Because if you not remove will make a damage for faces. If you want to know about removes the makeup. Please check this out J

-The first thing you should remove is eye makeup removers. Because the eyes are the part of your face which is more sensitive. Use the eye makeup remover to remove it and cotton. If you do not have cotton, you can use a tissue. Use a gentle object to remove eye makeup because eyes are the part sensitive more.

-Two steps you should have to do is remove you lip color. For this part also use a gentle object like cotton or tissue. After cleaning your lip, apply and rub a small dab of petrolatum jelly with tissue.

-Remove any eye makeup

Remove a bit of mascara and eyeliner under your eyes. You can use the cotton swab to remove eye makeup.

-Wash your faces. Wash your face with clean water and steaming water. It can make your pores and dislodges is opened.

-Clean a face with soap. After your wash face with water, you can use gentle soap for remove makeup more that is still attached to the faces. Gently rub your face with gentle soap and do not use the scrub harshly.

-Use dry towel to dry the face. Pat your face with dry towel to avoid your skin irritation. And also avoid to rigor of the applying of makeup.

-Applying a light moisturizer. This is the last step to remove makeup. Use and soothe a light moisturizer to make your skin more fresh.

You have to know, that your skin face need to breath too, it same as your body. So love your face as love your body J

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