How to Try a Hairstyle on Your Photo

В В В В В В If you are getting bored with your ordinary hairstyle, it is time to change it! Unfortunately, trying a new hairstyle can be a nightmare. That can be difficult to choose a good hairstyle for you, whether with your skin tones and your face shape.

Luckily, you can try a hairstyle on your photo with help from a simple makeover application. The simple makeover application is usually find in free website. You can simply visit the website and try it. Here several tips to help you when try a hairstyle on free virtual hairstyle makeover.

Things You Will Need to Try a Hairstyle on Your Photo
You actually should have a computer that can connect on internet. This is used to visit the free virtual hairstyle websites that. The other thing you should have is a digital photograph. You better find the photo of you that in facing forward and wear a single ponytail. This photo cans easily you to try and choose the best hairstyle that can fit on you.

How to Try a Hairstyle on Your Photo
Here several tips to try a hairstyle on your photo with use the virtual hairstyles website.

  1. First step is turn on your computer. Make sure your computer already connected on internet. If you have connected, you can go to the next step.
  2. Computer has a hard drive. In hard drive, you can locate a digital photograph of yourself. The digital format of your photograph should as a GIF or JPEG file. If you don’t have any digital photograph, you can take a picture of yourself with use a digital camera. Or, you can use your printed photo and scan it with a scanner.
  3. The next step is open a web browser. You can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Visit the free virtual hairstyle and log in. Most of virtual hairstyles are free. So, you cannot worry about the charge cost.
  4. Find the box that spell “Start Your Makeover”. Click that box and you will be redirected to next page. In next page, you will find the options box like “Upload Your Photo” or “Take a Picture”. If you already have a digital photograph of you, click the “Upload Your Photo” option box. But, if you choose “Take a Picture”, you should have a web cam to take a picture of you.
  5. In the next page, you will find a photo of yourself in the center and many options of different hairstyles and colors in the left of page. It is time to choose and try any hairstyles and colors you want.
  6. On the menu or s >

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