Justin Timberlake Tattoos Style

Justin Timberlake has a real name born named Justin Randall Timberlake was born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA on January 31, 1981. He is an American singer. Timberlake began his debut through a great show The New Mickey Mouse Club, with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. His name began to be famous since becoming as part of the boy band called ‘N Sync. But Timberlake wants try his luck for a solo career during this time he dreamed. In a year 2002, he began a career as a solo singer by releasing an album called Justified, which sold exceeded 8 million records in worldwide. In 2004, Timberlake won the category the best singer (Male Singer) and the song Cry Me a River for Best Album (for Justified) which is featuring with Timbaland in the Grammy Award.

If you alike skins painting with an interesting thing like a tattoo, exclusively celebrity tattoo, but you’ve got no plan for the ideas, feel like a no exception because of you lured with the hot designs on Justin Timberlake’s body. Timberlake’s went from plain-skinned and pure innocent boy band to a bad boy tattoo canvas that does a fabulous job of established his thewed torso and arms. If you’re looking for complete changes to yourself and think body art is one of the ways to go, Timberlake is the man to retaliate. If you’ve already got some tattoo or maybe more, you also can choose to duplicate one of his tattoo art designs anywhere on your skin. Timberlake from a Christian obey background, Justin Timberlake, has some religious or spiritual nature tattoos on his body.

The most raised and proudly visible one is of a cross tattoo on his upper left shoulder in large size. The cross tattoo design of him is a realistic nature, with patterns smooth imaging shadow and light in ink that painted the eye into its incline.

Justin Timberlake Cross Tattoo

Like a shape variety of others in the Bible belt, Justin Timberlake dedicates his cross tattoo design to represent his faith to Jesus Christ.

Justin Timberlake guardian angel tattoo

The most rare thing and an odd tattoo on Justin Timberlake’s body – is a cherubic angel tattoo on his back with a very large image size, sweep away between his shoulders and start from the nape of his neck, in fact, that this is the largest tattoo image applied on his body, even larger than the temporary tattoos that he wore for the shooting in the 2004 film Alpha Dog. Justin Timberlake’s angel tattoo is delineated on an impeccable (solar) background, with wide, feathery-wings that intricately-inked. ItВ a banner has placed which linked his mother’s initials, and is surrounded by excessive cursive script which said “Guardian Angel”. The tattoo is representing his memory of Timberlake’s twin sister who died at birth.

Justin Timberlake Marionette Tattoo

N’Sync tattoo delineate on the other side of the ‘N Sync that is a figure of a marionette wrapped up in red ropes, as a motif. N’Syncs No Strings Attached album also has a puppet theme.

Justin Timberlake N’sync tattoo

The flames were N’Sync’s logo. Justin added an image with the red rope as an ode to their fame and obtaining celebrity lifestyle that the album brought.

Justin Timberlake Aquarius tattoo

An unusual band wraps it’s placed around on Justin Timberlake’s calf. Simply designed a chain shape, it has the Aquarius Symbol on its largest linked to his zodiac sign.

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