Korean Winter Style Tips for Women

Every woman wants to look beautiful in every occasion, including during winter season. Winter is cold; therefore wear the right cloth is important to make you warm. Sometimes, have many occasions during winter, like wedding party, birthday party, or prom night, and you should coming. Actually, you want to look beautiful and sexy, but in winter season is very cold, moreover in the night. The temperature is so low. Nowadays, Korean style was famous in the world. Korea is also the country that has winter season. Korean winter style fashion tips can apply for formal or non-formal occasion, because this style is cute but modern. It can be as a good reference for your fashion during winter.

1. В Korean Long Jacket

If in dry season, wearing thickness jacket is looks weird, but in winter season, it is the best recommendation for you, dare yourself to wear long and thick jacket in this season. There are any kind of long jacket that suitable for you; long jacket with button and top waist with using belt, it is the right choice. You do not need thinking about inner; this jacket is good enough to make your body feel warm. But, if you are still feels cold, you can choose a shirt with soft color, like white.

2. В Korean Hoodie Coat

Beside Koran long jacket, coat that has capuchon also become a favorite cloths for women. Choose a neutral color to make you easy to mix and match with another cloth. Korean hoodie coat can covering your head when rainy or snowy.

3. В Korean Scarf

Always wear scarf during winter when you want to travel. Beside be able to make your neck warm, these accessories can also make your appearance fashionable. Suitable your Korean scarf with your clothes and choose the neutral color that’s good enough like brown or black.

4. В Korean Legging

This is different between legging and stocking. Stocking is kind of thin material that covering your legs, while legging is thicker than stocking. Wear legging in winter season to make your appearance cute and elegance, you can choose dark color of legging, like black or dark brown to look neutral and match with your coat.

5. В Boots

It is good for you to wear boots in winter season. You can wear boots for college, hangout or another occasion. Choose the confidence material that can make your legs cozy and easy to walking. But, for you who have big legs, you should not wear boots, the best if you wear sport shoes. Choose the best boots that match with your jacket or coat.

6. В Earplug, head cover and shocks

All of them are important during winter season. There can help you to feel warm. You can choose the bright earplug to look cute, or choose cartoon shape earplug. For shocks, choose the dark color that match with your boots. If you need, you can also wear earplug, you can match with your inner or your shoes.

There are many winter tips for Korean style; you can apply all of them to look cute like a Korean actress. This is very fashionable, simple, but cute.

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