Lady Gaga Shoes With No Heel

Who does not know Lady Gaga? This woman does not only rock the world through her music but also her fashion. You might already know that Lady Gaga always comes up with unique fashion. Her style is completely unique and original. In some cases, the idea for Lady’s Gaga fashion is not ordinary and not acceptable for some people. To pull off her fashion, you do not only need confidence but also bravery and good preparation. One of the most remarkable fashion items from Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga shoes with no heel .

Lady Gaga admitted that she is shoe addicts. She has been introducing unique shoes which match her own style. The latest over the top fashion option is Lady Gaga shoes with no heel. This singer has been spotted with no heel shoes for many times. This gravity defying shoes have gone mainstream. It means many fashionable women around the world are queuing to get a pair of this unique shoe.

Finding the shoe like Lady Gaga is quite easy. As it is stated above, the shoes have become mainstream style. There are many retail stores which stock these shoes. These shoes have been one of the best sellers for these past months. The towering clogs like shoes were originally created by Noritaka Tatehana, who is shoe designer. Noritaka has been inundated with orders from Hollywood A-listers since Lady Gaga was first seen wearing these shoes in her music videos. His unique creation has catapulted the Japanese designer to stardom and global fashion stage. These Lady Gaga shoes with no heel have attracted many fashionistas around the world.

The original designs of Lady Gaga shoes with no heel were 25 to 30 cm tall. It will cost you a few thousand dollars. Many fashionistas are desperate to get these shoes. For your information, these shoes are one of the fast selling shoes. There are many local manufacturers who have designed the replica shoes. Before you get these shoes, it is better for you to know some things about the shoes.

Lady Gaga shoes with no heel are not comfortable, hideous, and alien-like. The shoes look heavy and difficult to walk in.

Lady Gaga was seen in these shoes for many times. Lady Gaga shoes with no heel feature a small platform and seem to be covered in metallic materials. You might be wondering whether her feet are not tired. The shoes indeed look painful to wear. Those also place the foot in uncomfortable position since it does not have any heel support.

If you are not familiar with heels, it is better for you to stay away from Lady Gaga shoes with no heel. The shoes do not have heel as supporter so if you are not familiar with high heels better stay away to prevent any injury. According to some podiatrists, constant walking on tiptoes is unnatural. People who wear those shoes frequently might face the difficulty to wear a flat shoe and can injure themselves while wearing it. There was speculation that Lady Gaga shoes with no heel had caught up with her when she was admitted to hospital after serious injury.

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