Makeup Tips to Applying Eye Makeup With Light Shades

As we know, makeup is important to make our so beauty and fresh especially for woman. With applying the makeup in our face, make you glamorous look. Makeup used for various occasion such as go to informal occasion or formal occasion.

To make you look beauty and glamorous you should applying makeup around your face. Part of face you should give make up like cheeks, nose, and eye.

In applying eye makeup more tricky than applying for part of other face. You should give an accentuation for eye. Use the great makeup to your eye amazing. For eye makeup you can use the light shades like pink, beige, yellow, green, and light brown.

Applying the light shades can used for different situation like office, evening, and maybe for a day.

Light shades in eye makeup step

If you want to learn about process how to applying the eye makeup with light shade, we will give explain about it. Do not need worry because we will give the best makeup for your eye amazing look. You can use this tip to get the easy ways to eye makeup.

Here are a few steps about applying eye make. Check tips below J

-When you begin applying eye makeup, make sure you are in front of the mirror. Mirrors help you to make your makeup as well.

-The first step you have to do is cover the around eye with a concealed that match with your skin tone. Use your finger to rub them and gently rub your around of eye. if you do not have a brush you can you your index finger.

-The next step is giving the eyelids a smooth base. Put the moisturizer or foundation on your eyelids. Put the moisturizer or foundation around your eyes.

-Choose the light shades that you prefer. And then rub with soft brush or sponge tip application in eyelid. Applying a light shade for entire lid.

-To make look amazing eye, you can add the dark color to give the depth to your eye. The dark color just for outer your eye in horizontal V shapes. Before you applying the dark color, tap off any excess the dark makeup.

-We are almost done. Applying a В lip-glossВ on your lip to make you look beauty and exotic.

Makeup it so essential factor for make you amazing look. Give little define for your eye with light shades.

In applying makeup for eye you can define how natural or dramatic you want. Make sure adjustment with the moment that you come. But for light shades, this is matching for entire moment. Use can use the light shadow for a day or different occasion. Applying the light shade is the best choice for eye makeup.

This is step about applying the light shades in eye makeup. Use this tips when you want to applying eye makeup. With tips above, you can get the easy way to applying the eye makeup. Wait for the next tips. Thank you.

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