Men Anklet in Copper

Accessories such as necklace, bracelet and anklet were probably only familiar and known as women’s accessories only. However, this understanding is actually not valid especially if we are looking at several cultures.

For example, bracelet and necklace are two accessories that have always been unisex accessories everywhere, all over the world. In addition, you can also find a lot of designs of men anklet in copper that have been very popular these days.

Copper anklet is actually common to be worn by men, especially in India culture. Under this condition, there are a lot of men that have also adopted this behavior and use anklet as one of their favored accessories.

What is Copper Anklet?

Anklet is actually an accessory, which is also considered jewelry, that is worn on the ankle. Therefore, ankle is also known as ankle bracelet or ankle chain. There are various types of ankles that are made of different materials as well. Some people love gold or silver anklet since they have higher economical value. Some also choose leather anklet since it can provide them more comfort and also their natural black or brown color can give a contrast color with skin tones that will definitely make a great combination.

On the other hand, some people opt for men anklet in copper since this type of ankle bracelet is more affordable yet also quite durable. We all know that the ankle is meant to be used on our ankle, therefore, it should have higher durability level than wrist bracelet or necklace. According to this qualification, one of the best material choices is copper. Although it may not as strong as gold, but copper is able to give quite lasting durability with reasonable price. Especially in this modern era where the gold sales rate is extremely high, copper is definitely the best choice of anklet you can surely get.

Models of Copper Anklets for Men

The first example of copper anklet for men is definitely the simple design of copper ankle. This type of ankle usually does not any decorative beads or gems attached but simple design only. The main concept of this type of ankle bracelet is mainly laid on the curve and scratches that are designed as the main pattern or texture of the copper anklet. You can get infinite textures and patterns that will surely satisfy your taste the most.

Another model of men anklet in copper that has been pretty popular these days is copper anklet with toe ring. Probably, this type of anklet was popular as sexy and feminine accessory for women years ago but today this idea has been widely transformed and modified as well. Nowadays, copper anklet with toe ring is not only meant for women only but also men as well. Usually, between the toe ring and ankle bracelet will be connected by beautiful chain that will always keep them in a good connection. In addition, some designers also have added beads or gems in the design to increase the value of this type of anket.

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