Nail Designs for Short Acrylic Nails

To be more fashionable and beautiful, not only your outfits or accessories that can be made as stunning as possible, but your nails can even be designed as you want because there are so many ideas to make your nails different from others, like nail designs for short acrylic nails that can easily be found on internet. The beautifully shaped acrylic nails with a classic French manicure can be achieved by you, but the professional steps manicurists use must be followed properly. If you want to know more about this, there are some information shared here that can be checked out.

Everything can be started with the fake nails applied to your natural nails if natural nails are short and you want something longer, but if your natural nails are fine, the designs can be applied to your short natural nails. If you use the fake nails, they must carefully be applied to your natural fingernails so the damage to the natural nails can be prevented. Moreover, the crazy glue must never be tried and used so the fake nail can be attached, the nail glue made for nail designs for short acrylic nails can be used instead and the professional one is available at most beauty supply stores.

A cotton ball can be started to be taken and the nail polish can be removed from natural nails with nail polish remover. The cuticles can be pushed back gently with an orange nail stick but the entire real nail should never be covered by the fake ones and therefore, the fake nails must be sized first to your real nails before the glue can be placed inside bottom of the fake nail. Now, the nail can be pressed onto your nail halfway down your natural nail or to where the tip of the fake nails can be fitted perfectly onto your own nail.

The nail can then be held in place for a few seconds and the steps can be continued until you can successfully glue the fake nails in place. After that a nail clipper or small scissor can be taken and the ends of the fake nails can carefully be cut so the desired length can be got and if you want the nail designs for short acrylic nails, these can be achieved by you as well. A strong nail file can be taken and the entire fake nails can be filed before the end of the nail can be started with and the section blended with the natural nails can be filed across.

A small amount of glue can be spread to the section of nails just below the fake nails and the filling powder can be taken and it can be shook over the newly glued section of nail so the line of the fake nail can be covered by the nail powder and blended in with natural nails. A soft file can then be taken and the nail can be buffered until the smooth entire nails are got. A q-tip dipped can be used into nail polish remover so that excess glue can be removed.

Now, the French base coat can be applied and two coats can be done instead. These can be left to dry before a second coat is applied. The new manicure can be protected by a shiny top coat sealer applied to your perfect nail designs for short acrylic nails .

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