NASCAR 2013 Car Choices

The Ford Mustang was originally going to be Fords choice for their stock car for the upcoming 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Season. But then they decided on the Ford Fusion. Ford Fusion over the Mustang. That’s gotta be one of the dumbest ideas from the Ford camp in a long time. This is a time in NASCAR where the sport is FINALLY letting the Manufacturers have their say on the cars and what they look like, giving strong connections to their street cars, and they decide that sticking to the Fusion is a good idea. I’m sorry, I’m excited about NASCAR having stock car look a likes in the Cup series, but Ford is really dropping the ball on this one big time. A lot of people who otherwise wouldn’t or don’t care about NASCAR would watch at least one race to see the new cool looking Mustang race in the top series of Motorsport in America.

So the fact that Ford threw away the Mustang really makes no sense whatsoever to me personally. But it gets even better. Not only is Ford not doing anything cool with their new car, but neither are Toyota or Chevy! Toyota will race the Camry still, and Chevy is rumored to use the Malibu or something like that. Really? Who cares if the Toyota looks like a Toyota on the street? That’s nothing to really get excited about! And the Chevy Malibu? Same story there, from GM’s page. The only real hope from any of them is Dodge, and as I hear they are trying to stick to the Charger. That’s definitely not a bad choice, as the Charger is actually a cool looking car. Frankly Dodge doesn’t have many “lame” cars like Ford and the others, so they should be the single ray of bright light when it comes to the 2013 cars. In a small way I may kind of support Fords moving from the Mustang to the Fusion, and that’s only if by running the Mustang they would be in trouble aerodynamic wise because the other cars, with their differences, would race better. To see the actual look of the cars make a difference in performance, even if only slightly, would be cool to me.

But the whole point of having these cars look like true stock cars again was to not only go back to the 80s more or less, but to have people excited about the cars again! Folks were excited about the new Nationwide Cars, even though they were mostly kind of ugly, minus the Challenger. People were excited to see the Mustang racing in NASCAR head to head with the Challenger. The Toyota and Impala were lame, but still that didn’t change that people would tune in just to see these cars racing. Even I tune in to the Nationwide races hoping to see the Challengers running up front, because I really enjoy the look of those cars and seeing them race. The Mustang and the others not so much, but it’s still cool to see the differences between the vehicals and how exciting it is. NASCAR will В undoubtely do a good job with the new cars, and they will be truly stock appearing if all goes to plan. But the Manufacturers are really dropping the ball here, minus Dodge, to have cool looking cars back on track again. If they are going to look different and really stand out from one another, why not have them look like Mustangs and Camaros? That will never happen apparently.

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