Natural Hair Dyes For Gray Hair

Many people think that gray hair is related to the old age. However, gray hair actually can happen in many young people. Not all many people are fine with gray hair. They will try to find the best way to bring back their original color of their hair. One of the best ways to do this is by using hair color. However, this hair dye is made of chemical substances such as ammonia and ammonium. These chemical substances have some side effects. Some side effects are including irritation. You can also find other rare cases which are caused by chemical substances in hair dye. To prevent those conditions, you might prefer to get natural hair dyes for gray hair.

These natural hair dyes for gray hair are not only effective but also safer. In finding the natural hair dyes, you should consider getting herbal hair dye. There are many options of herbal dye which you can choose according to your taste and preference. The first option is henna hair dye. This is considered as the best herbal hair dye which is usually used by people to cover their gray hair. You might find it is quite difficult for you to apply henna hair dye. Some people even think henna application is inconvenient. However, henna is good because it is free from any chemical substance so it will be free from any side effects. Henna is also effective treatment for removing any dandruff.

If you are planning to dye your gray hair with henna, you need to take three tablespoons of henna in a bowl before mixing it with eucalyptus oil. Next, you need to add two tablespoons of decoction of black coffee or tea into the bowl. Mix them well. You need to keep the mixture for at least 12 hours. It is more preferable overnight before you apply the henna on the hair. After applying the henna, you can keep it for one to two hours. You should not keep it for more than that and wash it under lukewarm water. Your hair color will be changed and your hair will be softer and smoother. All those advantages which make henna is more recommended than other natural hair dyes for gray hair.

You can also try black pepper with yogurt as natural hair dyes for gray hair. Mix black pepper with yogurt. Take 3.5 ounces of yogurt and mix 1 gram of black pepper. You should mix those ingredients well before applying it on your scalp. Apply it on your scalp before leaving the mixture on your hour for at least one hour. If one hour has passed, you can rinse your hair. Use the shampoo which is made of natural ingredients. Black pepper is effective to darken the hair. Yogurt is also useful to remove the dandruff and make your hair silkier.

Another option of natural hair dyes for gray hair is rosemary and sage. Sage is working effectively in treating the gray hair problem in natural way. In using the herb, you can boil 4 ounces dry sage in two cups of water for half an hour. You can let it soak in the same water for more hours. Apply the solution on your hair and leave it until your hair dry before washing it. You can also make a tea with rosemary and sage and store it in the refrigerator. You can apply it for 5-10 minute before rinsing it. You need to use the mixture everyday to wash your hair.

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