Obagi Professional C Serum 20 Strength Reviews

Obagi vitamin c 15 reviews

Obagi Professional C serum 20 strength contains the latest formula of Vitamin C that will help you to neutralize free radicals.

When your body is contaminated, there are molecules produced. It is called as free radicals which can cause in oxidative stress if it is overproduction. It harms certain cell structure. Vitamin C is well known as super star antioxidant to fight off free radicals, reverse the signs of aging and slow down the aging process.

They act before all layers become damaged, it reduces skin aging. For superior results, Obagi C serum 20 provides a powerful line of serums to deliver greater penetration to skin.

Obagi Professional C Serum 20 Benefits

-To build collagen molecules

-Lightens and brightens skin tone

-To reduce of Inflammation of skin.

Inflammation can show up on our skin in the form of puffiness, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and blotchiness, sagging and reddening of the skin. The ingredients can help block free-radical damage.

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it prevents and actually repairs damage to your skin caused by free radicals such as the pollution, the sun and smoke. Your skin is soaking in the antioxidants to protect your skin by using products with antioxidants such as moisturizers and a C serum. For women in 30+, antioxidant is very important to your skin regime, since she start on the aging process. To get antioxidants into your skin, stick with products that come in particular are a great way because they sink a bit deeper into your skin’s layers than a moisturizer.

-Great penetration of skin (better than other competitive products)

Obagi Professional C Serum 20 Strength

-For eye are, you should choose 5% strength of Obagi Professional C Serum

-For sensitive, dry skin and reactive, you should choose 10%

-15% for all type of skin

-For maximum results; you can choose 20% which is the strongest concentration of L-Ascorbic Acid

What is the Difference of Serum and Moisturizers?

Facial serums make your skin moist than moisturizers. When it comes to get added nutrients into deeper layers of your skin, you should choose facial serums. Regular moisturizer will not be able to meet that requirement. There are available many types of serums, such as anti-aging serums, acne preventative serums and also skin brightening serums. Serums could be applied after toner and before moisturizer.

Serum has smaller molecules than a moisturizer. So that makes it easy to penetrate the skin and deposit nutrients.

The fact is you don’t need both of them. If you would like to improve your skin, such as early aging signs or dark spots, serum is the best to choose. Whether you want to make your skin hydrate enough, serum can help well. В There is no need to add more serum if your skin is happy with your regular moisturizer alone.

When to use Obagi professional C serum?

The best time to use Obagi Professional C Serum is in the morning before sunscreen and makeup application. Apply 5-7 drops of Obagi Professional C serum to the neck, face and chest using fingertips. If you notice there is a slight tingling, you don’t have to worry about that because it will be diminished with use.

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Obagi Professional-C Serum 20% Vitamin C Serum 30ml/1oz Obagi Professional C serum 20 strength contains the latest formula of Vitamin C that will help you to neutralize free radicals. They act before all layers become damaged, it reduces skin aging. For superior results, Obagi C serum 20 provides a powerful line of serums to deliver greater penetration to skin. Obagi Professional C Serum 20 Benefits — To build collagen molecules — Lightens and brightens skin tone — .

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