Ordinary Blunder in web design

Website development is never an easy task and it needs lots of efforts. Most of the people prefer to get that work done by professional web developers. This is the most preferred way but it never means that one cannot make the website by their own. If you also belong to that category and you want to make your website by yourself then you should be careful about not making few errors which normally new or nonprofessional developers do.

Many use the colors on website which are too loud. Along with the background color also choose the text colors intelligently. If texts have color that will merge with the background than it will become very hard for the visitors to read the texts. Even that will annoy them and they will avoid visiting your website. Always stick to the color scheme which is soothing to the eyes. One can experiment but experiment should be in a way that can make the website more appealing.

The second commonest mistake done by many is the size of the fonts. This includes too small fonts or too large fonts. Too small fonts are not readable so it fails to convey the written message. Too large fonts are also not good. Also do not use too much fancy fonts as it never appeal to readers to much to read the website content. Simple fonts serve the purpose.

Many add the software which redirect the visitors on other windows or that re-size the visitors browser without their intervention. This type of technology is indeed good but all the visitors do not like it. Many visitors avoid visiting your website because of such types of software only. It also makes an impression of having malware on your website.

Everyone wants their website done with latest technologies and they want to make it more interactive. In this process many end up have many flash videos and big images. Too many flash videos and images make the website heavy which takes too much time to load so it diverts the visitors to other sites. Also do not add auto play option as many surf the site from the office environment and they feel embarrassing with auto play options in that condition and they will never visit your website again.

Always make a website design in a manner which attracts the visitors. If your website cannot attract the visitors then it is of no use.

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