Paula Begoun Favorite Beauty Products

Some of you might be familiar with Paula Begoun products. These skin care products are working as anti-aging. Using these products will help you to get the real results. As basic information, Paula Begoun is a skincare expert. Their products are claimed to work by reducing wrinkles, minimizing sun damage, and turning hands back to their 20s. Paula Begoun reveals her cosmetic reviews which might be useful for you. These cosmetic products are not only rated as high performance make-up but these cosmetic products are also considered as the best of the best by Paula Begoun and The Cosmetics Cop Team. Here are some Paula Begoun favorite beauty products for your consideration.

The first product is Boots No7 Cheek Tint. The price of this product is for about $9.99. This cream to powder blush allows you to go from sheer to intense. People will be able to apply the product easily. The colors which are provided by Paulo Begoun are simply fantastic. Another popular product among Paula Begoun favorite beauty products is M. A.C. Haute and Naughty Lash. These two mascaras are working in one component with impressive and distinctive effects. You can wear the make up beautifully but it is also easy to remove.

For the lipstick option, Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick is considered as one of the best Paula Begoun favorite beauty products. This lipstick has elegant smooth cream texture with rich color. When you are wearing this lipstick, you will be able to get brilliant range of shades without garish frost or sparkles. In looking for Paula Begoun favorite beauty products, Neutrogena healthy skin custom glow Blush and Bronzer can also be your consideration. This bronzer is available in pressed powder blush and bronzer in one sleek compact. You can wear them separately or together and they will still look great.

Paula Begoun recommends you to get Victoria’s Secret VS Makeup Soft Focus Liquid Foundation SPF20. The foundation provides brilliant sun protection from any gentle mineral actives. The foundation is designed with silky and satin glow finish which will enliven the dry skin. For the mascara, Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara Waterproof is considered as one of Paula Begoun favorite beauty products. This waterproof mascara is not only beautiful but not too extreme.

You might be surprised to find N. Y.C Or New York Color Extreme Lip Glider Lip Gloss is listed in Paula Begoun favorite beauty products because this product is one of the least expensive lip glosses which are available in the market. This lip glosses have smooth and non-sticky texture. It is available in various sheer colors which are packed in convenient squeeze tube so people can apply it quickly.

Before you are shopping for Paula Begoun favorite beauty products, you might need to know some commandments which are applied by Paula Begoun in choosing the beauty products. Price does not guarantee anything which means expensive does not mean better. You need to shop with clean state. Visit the store with clean and bare face. Another commandment is the right light is the main concept. You have to protect peepers and lips. Do not test the mascara or liqu >Paula Begoun favorite beauty products .

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