Princess Dress

Do you have a little daughter who keeps bugging you to buy them a princess dress for her birthday party? You do not have to worry because today we will specially discuss about several ideas of princess dress you can take for your shopping reference later on.

In this article, you will be given several popular ideas of princess-like dress that will definitely make your daughter happy. This time, we have already prepared several types of princess dresses start from Disney Princess Dresses, Party Dresses and also DIY dresses. All types of these princess-like dresses can be easily purchased in kids clothing stores or you can simply do a tiny modification to your daughter’s old dress so you do not have to worry.

Princess Dresses from Disney

The first category of princess dress you can take into consideration is definitely the costumes of princesses in Disney stories. You can choose a dress that has been the trademark dress of Disney princess character your daughter adores the most. There are several princesses you can choose, they are Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Belle and Aurora. Each of these princesses’ characters has its own trademark dresses that are very popular amongst kids.

First of all, of course, you need to ask your daughter about her favorite Disney princess story. Little child usually tends to act out like a princess so you need to support their dream by giving the right play costume. For example, if your daughter is a fan of Beauty and the Beast story then you have to get her the yellow dress that is the trademark of Belle’s character. You can also get them matching accessories, such as tiara, bracelet and necklace, so they can act out the character they adore perfectly.

Party Princess Dresses

This is common princess dresses you usually meet in kids clothing stores. This type of princess dress is actually simpler compared to Disney princess dresses features since Disney princess costume are basically from fiction story. Meanwhile, party princess dresses are perfect for both formal occasions such as Christmas party, Easter party, church and wedding service as well. Usually, the party dress will be decorated with embroidery and bodice to enhance the beauty of the dress. This will be perfect for your daughter in formal occasions that are coming up.

DIY Princess Dresses

Another type of princess dress is DIY princess dresses. This type of princess-like dress will be the best choice if you think that the previous types of princess dresses will be too costly for you. The DIY princess dresses can be an economical decision for limited budget. You can customize your daughter’s simple dress by using available DIY accessories in your house. First of all, you can look for a dress that has ruffles, frills or laces. The next thing you need to do is to add some fake gems to the dress in decorative ways. You can search for the decorating ideas on the internet or magazines. This simple effort will definitely get your daughter a beautiful DIY princess-like dress.

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