Princess Dresses for Toddlers

Having a toddler girl is really the most exciting thing for some moms because there are so many pretty clothes and dresses for little girls and the moms can makeover their children even though their daughters are still toddlers and the princess dresses for toddlers can even be found by you when you want to take your daughter with you when attending some formal occasions. Princess costume is the prettiest costume that should be chosen by you and worn by your daughter and this kind of costume must also be liked by your daughter so much. Even the seasonal holidays can be celebrated by your family and the princess dress can be worn by your daughter.

Rather than buying the princess dresses for toddlers and their qualities cannot be trusted by you while you have a skill to make your daughter’s princess dress, why do not you try to make one for your beloved one and a few basic items should be prepared first before the princess costume can be made. Embellishment, glue, gold spray paint, cardboard crown, fabric glue, lace trim, elastic Leotard, scissors and tulle are included in the materials that will be needed by you. You know, it is the best way so your money can be saved more when you make it yourself without buying any.

After the preparation is done well and everything is already made sure that there is no left, the princess dresses for toddlers can be started to be made and the strips of tulle can be cut that are about three feet long and two inches wide. This is recommended that the princess dress is made yourself is because your toddler’s size can even be measured by you and the most suitable princess dress can then be produced yourself for your daughter. Here, when the dress is made, about twenty five of these strips will be needed by you.

After that, a piece of elastic strip is allowed to be cut that is about twelve inches long and the fabric glues can be used by you in making princess dresses for toddlers so that the ends of the elastic can be secured to one another so a circle can be created or owned by you. Then, each strip of tulle can be draped over the elastic circle so the half of each strip can be on either side of the elastic before the each strip can be tied in a tight know. This can be repeated all the way around the elastic circle until the full skirt reminiscent of a fairy princess gown is owned by you.

Now, the pieces of lace trim are allowed to be cut and they can be attached to the neck and arm holes of a leotard and it can be done if the fabric glue is used by you so a collar and decorative sleeves can be made. Do not forget that the glue is needed to be left to dry before the cardboard crown can be sprayed paint with gold paint. Then, the embellishments can be attached onto the crown with glue.

Sequins and plastic jewels can be used so the dress can be decorated. Well, after the princess dresses for toddlers finish, your little girls may fit them. These ways will much more be affordable rather than the dresses are bought through online stores.

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