Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair

People who have dark hair color always consider the color is dull and boring. Some people especially women are especially jealous towards people who have blonde or other light hair colors since those colors look more shiny. However, you do not need to worry since your dark color can look shinier if you are applying highlights or hair color on your hair. Purple hair dye for dark hair can be the best option for your highlight.

It is better for you to know that purple hair dye for dark hair might not be the best option for all people. It depends on your skin tone and eye color too. If you do not have appropriate skin tone color, you need to avoid going for purple hair color. People who have warm skin tone and eye color are not suitable for the color. The main reason is because the color will make your face look washed out and too bright. Purple hair dye for dark hair color is more recommended for the people who have cool skin tones. If you are wondering about the cool skin tones, those are including the dark brown, medium complexion with golden undertones, medium complexion with light pink color in the cheeks, olive complexion, pale complexion, and brown or bronze complexion. The last complexion is usually gotten after tanning process. Cool skin tones are usually accompanied with cool eye colors including dark blue, hazel with light flecks, blackish brown, dark brown, and grayish blue.

People who have cool skin tone category can get some purple highlights. It is especially if you already have black hair color. In getting purple hair dye for dark hair, you can also combine black hair magenta and purple colors to make purple color combination which looks beautiful. Some people even dye their hair in platinum blonde before getting a light wash of purple for cool look.

In finding the best permanent purple hair dye for dark hair, you should consider getting Schwarzkopf Live Hair Color-Permanent. This brand comes in various color options including red, blonde, blue, and also purple. In finding the product, you need to find out the hair dye box which has picture of man and women as the cover. You might want to test the hair color on small part of your hair. It is done to help you to decide whether you like the color or not. You are also recommended to take patch test to determine whether you are allergic to the ingredients or not. You might also consider another product from this brand which is Schwarzkopf luminance shade Ultra Violet.

Another option of permanent hair dye purple is Chilled Plum Color Pulse Hair Color Mousse by L’Oreal. Like other products from L’Oreal, this product can be used easily. By using this product, you will get intense shade of purple. Another benefit which you can get from this product is great smell. This purple hair dye for dark hair can last longer than the box said. You might find the difficulty to get the product at stores. You might need to shop online to get the color.

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