Red and Black Hair Color Type

Everyone has a different type of hair color. Type of hair color is dividing in some variety such as brown, blonde, black, auburn and red. Hair color is effect of pigment of human. Pigment adjust your hair color that differentiate in two part are eumelanin and feomelanin. Melanin is producing a dark brown hair color. Sometimes, hair color was depending of human biological. Eumenanin produce a dark color for human. Tirosin that contained of eumenanin was effected the color of human. If you have a low tirosin, it can cause a pale color of your dark color. Eumenanin has two color are brown and black. If you have a brown eumenanin is low, your hair will get blonde. Red color on your hair was affected by feomelanin. Commonly, red hair color connected with inhabitation of the formation of eumelanin. Some people feel unsatisfied with their hair color. so, they do a dye for their hair. if you have a brown or blonde hair color and want to change your hair color, you can try red and black hair color type.В You can choose a permanent or semi permanent dye.

Consider about Skin Tone

Red hair has some variety such as deep burgundy and burnt orange to bright copper. В Red color was claimed as a sexy symbol because it could attract people attention. If you are blonde and want to change with red hair, you should do color by two or three level darker of your natural hair color. Before you decide to color your hair, you should consider about skin tone. Your new hair should complete your look by match fir skin tone. If you have a bright skin tone, do not use a dark hair color, because it is very contrast with your skin tone. If you have brown or dark skin tone, it would be better if you can apply a brown or honey brown color. It is going to be stunning. В If you have been known about your hair type and characteristic, now, you can change your red and black hair color type.

Natural way coloring Black Hair

For some people, black hair color is dream. Commonly, black color only have by people who origin of Asia or Africa. Using a dye could be damage your hair. So, it is an easy way to make your hair black naturally. You have to choose the right shampoo. Choose the shampoo that has a label named extra body shampoo or volumizing shampoo. It could make your hair look black and volume. Then, you should use a hair serum. Hair serum helps you to add nutrition for hair. Beside it is healthy. It also can restore your shiny hair. Natural way it’s mean you use a natural source. So you can use some plant and flower. You can use papaya seed, hazelnut seed and many more. Red and black hair color type have its own characteristic so, you can apply your own desire hair color that suit with your personality.

Your hair is your crown. So, you have to treat them as well as you can. Red and black hair color type was different in treat it. Red hair is very sensitive with sun.

You should protect your red hair by using cap or hat. After you apply red color, do not enter a swimming pool. It can cause a damage of your hair because of chlorinated that contain in dye. To make your black hair keep in shine, you can use a flat iron to make it more smooth and shiny.

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