Red and Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

If you have beautiful natural brown hair red then you need to get a perfect matching highlight idea for it. Your precious brown hair can easily fit into various shades of highlight colors, however, what are the best highlights that can perfectly match your brown hair? One of the most popular ideas is definitely red and blonde highlights on brown hair hairstyle.

Red and blonde are two bright shades of highlights that can create powerful and brave mood to the person. Therefore, if you are not afraid of being the center of attention because of controversial hair style, it means that this highlighting idea will be perfect for you.

Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

The first option you can do is to get single highlight color shade if you are not confident to have both red and blonde highlights on brown hairyou have. You can choose several shades of blonde highlights in the hair color level. There are medium blonde highlight and also light blonde highlight you can surely add to your brown hair.

If you do not want to have too controversial hair style, then medium shade of blonde highlight can be a great choice for you. The medium level brightness will be enough to create accents to your brown hair without causing too much controversy. On the other hand, light shade of blonde highlight will definitely get you much powerful effect to your brown hair. The light and glowing type of blonde highlight shade will definitely make you the center of attention whenever you are. With the right way of highlighting technique you will undoubtedly get beautiful and attractive hair style without making it looks too much.

Red Highlights on Brown Hair

Aside from blonde, you can also use red shades of highlight colors to enhance the beauty of your brown hair. There are a lot of red highlight shades you can do to your hair, start from the deepest to the lightest shade of red highlight.

If you want subtle look for your brown hair, you can choose dark or deep shades of red such as burgundy or red wine. These two red shades will add more power to your dark brown hair but it will not be too strong to attract much attention from your surrounding.

On the other hand, if you want to have extremely attractive hairstyle with wild and sexy look, then you can use brighter shades of red highlight colors. For example, you can use blood shot red highlight shade since this type of red color will make a great color distinction with your brown hair. You can also opt for strawberry red to add sexy yet cute mood to your hair style.

Mixture of Blonde and Red Highlights on Brown Hair

If you think that the previous single colored highlights are too simple to your liking, then you can also use both red and blonde highlights on brown hair altogether. This is probably too crazy for some people who do not like to get to much attention but it will be perfect for those who love attention a lot. With both strong and brave highlight color decorating your brown hair you will be able to express your freedom to your surroundings.

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