Shuttle Fashion Footwear: Footwear Museum In Canada To Carry Out

Discovering beauty ladies are her pair of legs appear more slender slender high heels, men love cool shoes and clothes of the same desire for shoes to highlight their personal style. This time, “Dancing. Shoes Art Treasures Exhibition,” a family for the love of shoes, shoe shines to bring, so we had the opportunity to and sitting on 8,000 pairs of shoes and shoe museum to open in Canada to share his more than 50 KennNorman trends across 260 years of the evolution of rare footwear collection, with the shuttle three centuries of fashion trend changes.

В This exhibit from the KennNorman loan, he in 1977 in the famous Shoe Museum (BataShoeMuseum) as Chief Hall for 11 years, beginning in the late 70’s footwear and apparel collection, collection of up to 8,000 pieces. Kenn in the footwear and apparel research, identification and evaluation has extensive knowledge, he personally wrote the footwear trend of development has become a fashion icon of books read fashion Collection.

В I believe many women are like a pair of shoes, especially high-heeled shoes, beautiful shoes Whenever always hold back any longer. The Canadian Museum of KennNorman footwear in Hong Kong, display its three major types of treasures, including classic footwear, teacher, and brand design, and special style series, from the 18th century to the most recent years of people sought after damp Wedges (boat shoes ), AnkleBoots (ankle boots), HighPlatform (platform shoes) and other shoes. At the same time, we can also review the buckle, straps, nails and other popular footwear accessories birth process, with the evolution of a deconstruction.

В More than 50 pairs of shoes, the most classical history may be a pair of 1750 British shoes, Kenn explains: “more than 1750’s shoes? Heavy heel design, the middle part of the more slender, a bit like a Chinese princess worn by the Qing Dynasty saucers of shoes. then designers prefer to use silk cloth and Metallic (metal) decorative shoe, but extremely popular in recent years, the AnkleBoots and this summer’s hot nudeandbeigecolor (bare color), then had a very red moment. “

В Also, do not think that popular in the United States and Japan, was founded in a time of runaway shoes, 2003, in fact, as early as 32 years ago, leather shoes, sandals runaway style already born, I believe that the twentieth century’s runaway shoe is modeled after that year (1978) coupled with improvements made shoes. The Wedges Heels will ship in 1938, started by the Ferragamo brand on the market, there will be popular among women who just enjoy great popularity thanks to the comfortable heel design, but yet stylish beauty.

В I believe we all feel superior to wear platform shoes will generate a sense of pride, and thick soles, standing, feels cautiously. Early in the 19th century, 70 to 80 years, high heel shoes has become an important element in the design. Platform shoes is representative at the time, a high degree of at least 4 to 5 inches, so that when women wore the feeling of walking on stilts. However, the platform shoes soles not necessarily one, the former with the raising of the heel and independence, he became the Platform of the variant, less visually bulky feel, put more people added to the arrogance of superiority.

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