Simple Nail Design Step by Step

Perhaps, some people see nail as a part of your finger that can protect your fingertip. As we know, fingertip has many nerves. So, nail protects our nerves from any damage. It also protect from any dirty dust. Nowadays, nail art is getting more popular. Nail art is an art of painting a nail. It developed from another nail art is polish. Proliferation of salon that serve a nail art service, makes nail art is popular day by day. Girls and women love to be creation in her nails. Nail art is great way to show your personality. You can choose any different design for your nail.

Prepare What You Need

Before you are going to paint your nail, you should know nail design step by step. You have to prepare some materials that you need are OPI Color so hot berns, OPI Black Onyx, Essie Knockout Pout and Scotch tape. This tutorial is made for you who love red, pink and black color. First, you should choose base color for your nail. For example you choose pink for coat. Place your tape diagonally that across in each nail. It is for making sure that the polish can be painted diagonally. Then, paint your second coat, for example red. After you paint it, you should let them dry. Last, you can peel off the tape and paint black on your fingertips. Let them dry well.

When you decide to make nail design step by step, you should keep in mind some tips. Your nails should be washed neatly before painting process. You could apply an acrylic nails for you who have short or bitten down nail before design. If you want to apply glitter on your nail, you should work it as fast as possible. It avoids you from dryness of nail before you spread the glitter. There is some problem which make your nail art is not long lasting. So, you need to apply a coat. Coat of clear nail polish should you used in two or three days a week. Another action that sometimes people forgot is you always use you nail for hard activities. It would be better if you use a glove to protect your nail from any damage.

Nail Design for Beginner

As a beginner, you can try a nail design step by step by using simple color in two colors. First, you have to apply base coat. It can protect your nail from drying. Apply it in one layer of your nails. After that, let your base coat dry and you can continue to the next step. Second, place manicure sticker to across your nail. You can use circular sticker, if you have not French manicure design. Let’s paint your fingertip above the sticker. If you have overlapped while painting your nail, it does not matter. You should remove the sticker while its paint wet. And then let them dry. After it dry completely, you can continue by finish your paint to clear top of coat. So, that is a simple and basic step for nail design step by step. You can try by yourself at home and be creative.

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