Skinny Jeans for Men

Men these days seem to be very fascinated by skinny jeans. They said that skinny jeans for men help them have a fashionable outfit to show of their well sculpted body. Under this concern, today we will bring this topic into discussion and see several recommended brands that have been very popular in this field. Let’s check them out!

The first recommendation of skinny jeans for men is the famous Levi’s Skinny Jeans 511. This is a skinny jeans for men offered by Levi’s that can give you the most comfortable feature. The area from ankle to leg is made to be skinny and slim, meanwhile, it sits below the wearer’s waist with shank button. It will be perfect if the wearer also combine this type of skinny jeans with wide looped belt. The main concept of this skinny jeans is actually vintage illusion. Completely made of cotton, the edges of the skinny jeans are also frayed so it will give the vintage mood to the jeans.

The features of Levi’s Skinny Jeans 511 are also complete and fashionable. A pair of Levi’s skinny jeans is designed in more than twenty styles and also washes as well so you can choose the best style in your favorite color wash. In addition, it is also designed with a trendy zipper fly and five fashionable pockets, perfect to keep your wallet and keys. On the back pocket, you can see there is detailed embroidery of Levi’s trademark so it will be a great addition to the style.

7 for All Mankind’s Jeans

This is definitely another brand that is pretty trusted and demanded in the markets. If you are looking for a pair of skinny jeans for menthat can make you look gorgeous then you can take a look at the collections of the 7 for All Mankind’s Slimmy Jeans. If you think that the previously recommended skinny jeans by Levi’s are too tight and low on the waist area, you will experience the opposite feature from 7 for All Mankind’s Slimmy jeans.

The first feature of the Slimmy Jeans offered by 7 for All Mankind’s is the wide distance between the crotch and the waist. In addition, it also has a pair of wide thighs so there will be more rooms for your skin to breathe. This type of jeans is categorized as Italian denim, which is made of 2% spandex and 98% cotton, that cannot stretch.

True Religion’s Jeans

This brand of jeans was created by Jeff Lubell who wants to design sophisticated skinny jeans for men yet promise comfort as well. The True Religion’s has been very popular for their stretch skinny jeans that can follow the shape of your legs very well. Mainly, True Religion’s jeans are made of the combination of polyester, cotton and spandex so they will have this stretchy feature. One of the most popular type of skinny jeans offered by True Religion’s is their Rocco Jeans. With button fly and also five trendy pockets, you will definitely experience a comfortable and fashionable outfit.

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