Special FX Hair Dye

Special effect for hair color is needed to make interesting and amazing look. Effect for hair dye is typically semi permanent, which is about for 3-4 weeks.

Are you planning to apply the effect hair dye? Do you have no idea for make it?

What the special effect hair dye?

In this occasion, we will talk about special effect hair dye. Hopefully it can give you inspiration when you want to choose the suitable color. Maybe, you can choose one that is appropriate with your hair color. For more inspiration, please read below this :

Virgin rose hair color is the most used often for special effect hair dye. Type of this color is dark red with complexion of black color. Give the black color in center of your hair. Virgin rose provide the feel funky and amazing look.

Show off the blue velvet with grey or white color. Get the visibly brighter with this special effect. Use the deep blue to make great your hair.

  1. Burgundy Wine Hair dye

The perfect hair dye for special effect provides the warmth hair color. Burgundy is the most favorite color for special effect. Type of these colors is dark red color. You can complexion of these color with ruby color, cherry color, and black color. Start from the mid section of your hair.

  1. Napalm Orange Hair dye

How about Napalm Orange? The type of this color is bright orange. This color more shine and very deep than other color. Choose this special effect to interesting look.

If you looking for lighter for hair dye, you can choose yellow as special effect. While extremely lighter but overall it holds on very well on your hair. Complexion these color with yellow color is a cool complexion.

How about sonic green hair dye? It is an amazing Sonic green is combination between green, white, grey and black color. Use this special effect for a good effect in your hair. While too much color but still nice.

The last special effect you can choose for special effect. Show off the soft color with combination white color in mid section of your hair. Use the white color for highlight. Pink hair dye it would be nice for you totally.

In adding the special effect for hair dye you can use many colors that you want. Use your experiment to make new look. Choose the color that is appropriate with your personality. Before you apply the special effect consider about skin tone. This is the important thing to consider before begin the hair color. Make sure this color that you apply is suitable with your skin tone.

If you want to know about choose the best hair color, in our previous article we have explained. Search and find our article about related article. Wait for the next our article.

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