Spring Fashion 2013

Spring is definitely the best season to hang out with friends, family or our loved one. The cool breeze and also the blooming nature will surely make our days perfect. Another thing you need to also pay attention to when it comes to Spring season is fashion trend. The fashion trends for Spring usually have brighter and lighter look with natural tones. If you want to know what kind of clothes and accessories that will dominate the trends of Spring fashion 2013 then you are in the right place. Right here in this passage we will discuss about fashion trend that dominates the Spring fashion this year, for both women and men. So, do not miss this information!

  1. Office Wear
  2. Shoes
  3. Accessories

Office Wear

Most people in the society are working people, it means that most of their time are spent in the office. Therefore, the focus of their fashion trends will be around office wear rather than hang out costumes. Dressed nicely and beautifully for work is definitely able to boost your confidence and also increase your charisma toward your boss and also colleagues. During Spring season this year, the color choices of the suits for both women and men are brighter and lighter. You can pair the suit with shirt to make it look trendier without decreasing the professionalism look. do not forget to also get several bright colored accessories to complete your appearance. For example, you can pair a light gray colored suit with brighter colored shirt. Women can also complete the appearance with bright colored shoes, meanwhile, men can wear tie in any models to finish up.


The thought that Spring season is always all about sandals or flip flops cannot be applied in the Spring fashion 2013 trends these days. There are a lot of universally appropriate alternatives you can use is various occasions during the warm days of Spring season. For example, one footwear type that is so popular this year is canvas shoes. Canvas shoes are fashionable footwear you can use for both formal and informal occasions. It is recommended that you wear them without socks so it will be trendier. Another alternate footwear that suits this year’s Spring fashion trends is simple sneakers with minimum decoration. You can also wear a pair of gray or white sneakers for business yet casual occasion. In addition, leather slip ons will also be a great choice for this season’s fashion trend. Flats and loafers can be the best choice for a casual day.


The trends of Spring fashion 2013 will never be perfect without the touch of accessories. For men, leather belts are no longer up to date and fashionable these days. Instead, the market is dominated by striped D-ring belts, such as fabric belts, grosgrains, and woven leather belts. As for women, the belt style that is very popular this year is colorful thin leather belts. You can also wear some accessories that can make your appearance look fresher and brighter, such as necklace, bracelet, brooches, pocket squares, and also sunglasses.

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