Spring Fashion Shirt Trends

Likes to keep update of fashion? Spring collections from designers the world can be your references to appear stylish. In 2013, the combination of black and white dominated the season trends in the fashion world. What about 2014? Are you the one of fashion mode freak? Then, fashion items inspired from the spring collection, which you must have in your wardrobe. Shirt always occupy a separate space in the hearts of the fashion designers and fashion enthusiast. From the spring / summer 2014 fashion week, let’s take a peek shirt fashion trends are launched several world-renowned brand that may be dominating fashion in 2014. Here are some of the dominant themes adapted from the world’s leading fashion magazine, Vogue.

1. Tribal Drum Beats

In addition to everything that smelled canvas, spring / summer 2014 fashion week also promises everything that smelled of folklore from around the world. Ranging from the exotic continent of Africa to Sakura with a Latin America Touches.

2. Summer Fur

Perhaps this is the most unique trend in the next year summer. Where some of the world’s fashion houses raised for fur clothing made from spring until summer 2014. Assorted hair this summer is perfect paired with a thin shirt and absorbs body heat. With pastel colors to print cheerful elegant Hawaiian style, making your shirt dress is far from boring.

3. Sport Spirit

T-shirts and sports are two things that cannot be separated. Likewise in the spring / summer 2014 fashion week, many things smelling sports pitch on the catwalk. However, special shirts, some top fashion houses dominated by a touch of urban symbols and colors of nature in their designs.

4. Racy Lacey

Upon learning that the splendor and romance of lace remain the trend until the next season, the immediate thought is do not hesitate to go back fashion-passionate with shirt with lace tops collection last

5. Hip Flora

Spring is a good time to enjoy the flowers are blooming, not least on the catwalk. Some T-shirt collection from Christopher Cane Van Noten to successfully shepherded the blooming flora with an urban touch.

6. Art Fest

Art fest or in world means arts festival, enliven fashion looks for spring / summer 2014 fashion week. Mondarian dress style Yves Saint Laurent’s famous variety and color to the art world present here. Fashion is often inspired by art. From the picture above we can see some of the gorgeous dress and t – shirts made ​​shirts sauntered on stage catwalk with all the touch of illustration art. Ranging from abstract art, paintings, gravity, spray paint, brushes and so on.

7. Chessboard checks

The fashion trend is also the one that is still continuing fashion last season, where the black squares and white swing in the body of the fashionista.

8. Mesh Mash – Up

Meshes and transparent? Still one of the fashion trends that can be applied to suit your shirt. Loose baggy sweaters and tops are still an option. Designer Christian Dior, Gucci, Saint Laurent and Van Noten adds sporty and sexy in their designs this time.

9. Life Aquatic

Aquatic life. В An interesting theme for the T-shirts. The designer Julien David, Calvin Klein, Kenzo Iceberg and display their work in her sea ambiance. Start of motifs, print, until the muted colors depicting the shade between the sky and the beach.

10. Fringging

Asymmetrical cuts and hung with a blend of hippy, cut straight into leather, to fashion the present ’20 brighten spring / summer fashion week 2014. Knit jersey fabric and supple known best suited to this mode. Thus the ten themes of the exhibition design choice world-renowned fashion house for shirts. Following the trend and the things that are popular indeed legitimate. But do not forget to adjust the body shape and fashion events. It is intended that the dress shirts are not just convenient, simple and slang. Dressed with a shirt though, should still consider the overall appearance of personality that message to be conveyed to others conveyed properly.

Talk about fashion it is cannot be finish. Fashion always becoming conversations every day by everyone. Fashion is a definite of many people. Who is not known about fashion? Right. The world of fashion is very universal. В Fashion is the generally term about everything which is related with hair, clothing, footwear, makeup, accessories, and many more. As we know, if we talk about fashion it is mean there are something can be trend in the time. Fashion .

The year of 2013 is definitely a new year to think about the hottest fashion trends. This is probably a basic need for all people in the worlds, especially women. Women are known as a major concern in fashion, hence, you can se there are more fashion trends for women then fashion trends for men. Under this concern, today we are going to start our discussion about fashion trends with women’s fashion trends 2013 according to several .

Spring is definitely the best season to hang out with friends, family or our loved one. The cool breeze and also the blooming nature will surely make our days perfect. Another thing you need to also pay attention to when it comes to Spring season is fashion trend. The fashion trends for Spring usually have brighter and lighter look with natural tones. If you want to know what kind of clothes and accessories that will dominate the .

The year 2013 is definitely another year of fashion you should really pay more attention to. The 2013 spring summer fashion trends are the starter fashion trends of the year. These two seasons are definitely the best seasons where you can wear so many varieties of fashion styles. So, are you wondering how the fashion trends for spring and summer season in the 2013 look like? do not need to burden yourself and go around looking for .

Spring is coming and you might need to prepare your clothes to welcome this season. You should start to store thick clothes and find thinner layers which can show off your body. When you are looking for spring fashion inspiration in magazines or websites, you might see the trend focuses on women with average body. It is quite difficult for women with plus sized body to find spring fashion trends in those fashion magazines and websites. You .

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