Stiletto Wear

Stiletto is the popular shoes for women. Almost every women like type of this shoes. Stiletto is a heel which is long or thin heels. There is many variety of stiletto including shoes and boots. They are available in kind of design and color.

Stiletto shoes can use for all occasion, formal and informal occasion, such as parties, working and many more. Nowadays, stiletto are becoming trend and popular in the world of fashion. With wear the stiletto will make glamour to your outfit. This is the favorite shoes for every woman, right.

Stiletto is commonly worn by many women, because they are look attract and beauty with their stiletto. Stiletto gives the benefit when you decide to wear these shoes. Stiletto gives illusions of slimmer leg, longer, smaller foot, a greater overall height, taller and also sexy. Show off your stiletto for the feminism figure totally.

The perfect look in every occasion is all that people want. Make sure you wear the stiletto to make it all. Gorgeous and attract with stiletto shoes. In America, stiletto worn by executive, dancers, models, beauty queens, secretaries and showgirls. They are typically in length from 1 inch up to 8 or more.

Below this are many type of stiletto. The best type and design of stiletto shoes, maybe you can get the inspiration to adding your shoes collection. Read more this article to get more information. Check below this.

The favorite heels which is used by Victoria Beckham. Type of these stilettos is with metal grommets, spikes and studs. Show off the protruding spikes all night long. Design by Charlotte Russe is more expensive. Black stiletto with spike will look interesting with combination dress.

  1. Boyd stiletto by Jimmy Choo

Black stiletto is a feminism and sexy peep toe pump. Finished in black sheer lace is a perfect stiletto.

    1. Stiletto heels with spikes and studs

One of actress who is wearing this stiletto is Lady Gaga. Show off the metal grommets and studs. Red color with spikes in back makes you glamorous and gorgeous. Type this stilettos becoming popular in among artist.

You look elegant with this stiletto. Combination between red and black color is a good combination. They are made from leather trim.

Brand of best stiletto shoes

    1. Marie Claire
    2. Jimmy Choo
    3. Christian Louboutin
    4. Calvin Klein
    5. Burberry

From all type stiletto above it suitable with you guys. Do not hesitate to wear the stiletto in every occasion. Before you buy the stiletto, make sure you try and fit with your foot. Choose the right one that you like. No matter with design if you do not feel comfort. Consider about length of stiletto is also need.

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