Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Chart

It must be very interesting for you to have strawberry blonde hair color if your original hair is red or dark hair color and if you want to have the good and perfect strawberry hair color, you will definitely need strawberry blonde hair color chart to help you choosing the suitable one. However, after you have your own strawberry blonde hair color, you still need to look after your appearance with the right makeup so your look can be perfected. You know that makeup tips for strawberry blondes are difficult to be found, so make sure you do not only get the right hair color chart but you also need to have the right makeup.

To help you choose the right shades for your new hair color, you need to get strawberry blonde hair color chart but you should not only worry about this because you need to make your makeup as perfect as your strawberry hair color. You can start with pink lips because the perfect makeup tip for strawberry blondes will be related to around the lips and you will see that the red highlights can be brought out here. Bright or pale pink can be used by you and this will definitely work for you to be shinier.

After getting strawberry blonde hair color chart and coloring your hair with strawberry blondes, black mascara should never be left to be used because your eyes can be brought out better than when you use lighter weight mascara colors. Black mascara is highly recommended and suggested and no matter you are blessed with baby blues, beautiful greens or brown eyes, the black mascara must be tried before you can say your opinions. Try before you can say it suits you or not because for some females, black mascara can be the best for strawberry blondes owners.

If you already wear black mascara, you do not need to wear tacky and thick eyes shadows because the pale ones will be best for the strawberry blondes. No matter whether you want to wear pale pinks, greens and even some pastel colors, these are still included in the great pale eye shadows that will perfectly match your strawberry blondes. No need to worry if your look will also be pale because the strawberry highlights in your hair will be brought out beautifully so it means it totally works for you.

The pink lips, black mascara and pale eye shadows can definitely be paired with light colored blush because you will need, at least, a little bit of color on your cheeks so you will never look pale as you worry about. If you do not think you feel like you want to wear pink lips, lip gloss can be the next solution and tinted lip gloss will also never be a problem. Moreover, strawberry blondes will also be perfected with tinted moisturizer because everything on your face will be lightened up for sure.

You should know that getting strawberry blonde hair color chart is necessary so the right shades can be achieved by you, but the right makeup tips are also as necessary as this. Have a great try with some makeup tips here. Make sure you look perfect and gorgeous with strawberry blondes and simple makeup tips.

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