Studies Of Your Dreams: Fashion 100%

Do you occasionally miss glimpses into fashion courses? Maybe you’ve always been surrounded by fashion and why not admit it, you love everything about fashion: the style, parades, design, magazines … But perhaps you think to get to devote in this sector is a target impossible. Let me tell you you’re wrong, you can not imagine the amount of work profiles that can be carried in this sector, since the beginning of the industry that begins with the design, building fabric and pattern all the way into the sale and marketing of the finished garment and brand, all is in full swing even new profiles that until recently did not exist like coolhunter. So I’m sure that in any of these positions there is one that fits you and what you like!

To do this you start with the unstoppable interest in fashion, stay current on trends, developments, designers, brands, shops, vocabulary sector … will be issues that will touch every day and this will have to train you in any way to assimilate all this information thanks to the base that will give you in any fashion courses you’re gonna do.

If you have already decided to take the step to study a fashion course I explain that you have
three possible options:

The first is access to higher education or university degree, which is currently the highest degree, for this there are several centers around Spain as the BAU School IDEP or Felicidad Duce in Barcelona, ​​the School of Design in Sabadell. In
Madrid have the upper center of fashion or IED (European Design Institute). If you live in the south both Seville and Malaga have the Leonardo school and course that teaches EADE. All of them lasting three to four years.

The second option you can shuffle is to fashion a course in one of the many schools and academies that are scattered throughout Spain. These courses will be less long training and often more defined and directed to a defined profession. Here I leave a list of many of the courses you’ll find in these schools of design:

– Styling and fashion

– Styling in fashion, advertising and media

– Pattern and scaled

– Design of apparel and accessories

– Fashion design Computer

– Graphic Design Fashion and textiles

– Communication and organization of fashion events

Finally, the third and final option you have left is to do a distance learning course from the comfort and tranquility of your home, administrГЎndote your own time at your convenience and without the hassle of having to move to another city to do what you really like. Schools as CCC, Euroinnova Business Schook, the European Institute of Business Studies, University and fashion, UNED, School of Design and Fashion and Velez Per the International School of Fashion Design and fashion are some that can offer a wide range of courses Fashionable distance although I’d recommend is the EPRO school since when study design distance this center is one of the top agendas out there today in the market for fashion culture as they guide you from the start drawing and design, through the pattern to the techniques used in haute couture.

So you know, you lose nothing, you will learn all about what you are really passionate about, fashion and even perhaps you see, without realizing it, working where from small always had loved having made the fashion course you’ve always dreamed of!

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