Sustainable Clothing Companies

Sustainable Clothing Companies: Prov >Sustainable fashion has attracted many people in these past years. The awareness of this fashion was also marked by vegan designer Stella McCartney who had successfully won Britain’s Designer of the Year Award without using any leather material. This never happened before. Even many global brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Zara have pledged to detox their productions practices. It is also supported by H&M which has launched eco-friendly Conscious Collection. Finding sustainable clothing companies is not difficult since there are many small and large brands which start to pay attention to ecological effect of the industry.

In finding the right sustainable clothing companies, you should consider Maiden Nation. The company has the mission to support women. You can get ethical designs which are made by some female celebrity activists including Yoko Ono, Lauren Bush Lauren, and Gloria Steinem. You can find the best singleness of purpose here. Its main focus is singular and strong to empower women through ethical fashion.

As it is stated above, Stella McCartney is the designer which shows to the world that fashion can be luxurious without leather. Stella McCartney produces the best high fashion which is processed with eco-friendly technology. She is known as one of high end designers which stay on the top while consistently bringing it in the sustainability. You might see her line is vegan and free from any cruelty. She also introduced some innovative sustainable fabric technology. In the last season, she shows off her faux croc heels with biodegradable plastic soles. She should be in your list of sustainable clothing companies.

When you are looking for sustainable clothing companies, you should consider visiting Kaight. It is one of first eco-fashion boutiques which are based in NYC. Kaight shows off nice virtual and physical option on cool and eco-friendly fashion. The company highlights new talent every season. You might see indie-design faves from Baggu to Samantha Pleet. Another strong point from this boutique is they offer the service to make one-of-a-kind pieces with their customers in mind.

If your target is eco-friendly shoes, go to Coclico. The company offers the largest variety of eco-friendly shoes. You can find various shoes in this company starting from flats to heels. The shoe line has more than a decade-long history of eco-footprint mindfulness. The company produces timeliness styles in small family owned factory in Majorca, Spain. Each component is designed for beauty, utility, and environment impact. Wedges are made from recycled Portuguese cork and local Spanish pine. Leathers are sourced only from local tanneries by using environmentally conscious practices and vegetable tanning. There are still many sustainable clothing companies which you can choose according to your need and preference.

You should cons >sustainable clothing companies which you can choose are including Ethics, Loomstate, HELPSY, Edun, Coclico, and much more. Your options are large. Choose the company which is suitable with your style.

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