Sustainable Clothing

What Is Sustainable Clothing?

Sustainable fashion has been gaining interest from all fashion lovers. Even though you are not fashionista, you might have heard about sustainable clothing. For who still do not know, sustainable clothes are the clothes which are designed with sustainability. It means conserving ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources. Each step done to create sustainable clothes starting from growing the raw materials to manufacture the finished product and deliver it to the market must be friendly to the environment and give protection on humans and ecological systems.

Before shopping for all natural clothes, you should hold back and learn that not all natural clothing is sustainable clothing. Conventionally grown cotton is natural but it is not considered sustainable since it is using large amounts of pesticides and herbicides to grow the plan. Grown cotton is recorded to use 25% of the world’s insecticides and more than 10% of pesticides. Even though natural dyes might be obtained from vegetable or animal sources without using chemical processing, many setting agents hold dangerous aspect to environment. Products which are using toxic mordants are not considered sustainable.

The rule is also applied to organic clothing which is produced abroad. Since it travels thousands of miles before reaching your hand, organic clothing holds larger ecological footprint than organic clothing produced locally. You need to remember some aspects when you are looking for sustainable clothing.

Certain clothing is considered as sustainable clothing if it is safe for humans and environment in all stages of its life cycle. It means starting from the raw materials is grown and after the clothing is disposed. Sustainable clothing is the clothing which is using energy, materials, and processes coming from renewable or recycled sources. These are including biomass or wind energy, organic cotton, linen, and much more.

A cloth is sustainable if it can be returned safely to natural or industrial systems. The clothing should be made to last and able to be reused or recycled. You also need to find out whether the cloth is made by workers who receive fair wages and have healthy working conditions.

When you are shopping for sustainable clothing, you should be informed well about sustainability issues. It is recommended for you to buy clothing which is using durable fabrics and timeless styles. You should also learn to repair and reuse your clothing. Consider purchasing second-hand clothing. If you can, you should wash your clothes less often at lower temperatures with eco-detergents. Avoid purchasing dry clean only garments. If you only have the option for dry clean, you should wet cleaning instead of conventional dry cleaning.

It is also important for you to know where to shop. When you make a decision to purchase new item, you need to research or be aware of the options in the clothing store. It is better for you to find the information on the sources of the clothing. Check at the materials. If you dec >Sustainable clothing usually has natural color since it is processed without any chemical color.

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