Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is gathering attention from many fashionistas today. Many organizations have done research on impact of fashion towards environment and distributed the result to the public. Not many people realize the surprising impacts caused by fashion in the environment such as the large amount of thrown clothes, the use of pesticides to grow cotton, and much more. For your information, 25% of global use for pesticides is used for growing cotton. The number is very large. The result of the research has made people recognizing the dark secret behind fashion. Knowing this fact, people start to think the alternative for fashion which is friendlier towards the environment. As the result, sustainable fashion is introduced to public.

What you need to do to pull-off sustainable fashion? First, it is necessary for you to keep what you already own. That’s it? The answer is yes. Your current clothes were not eco-friendly to begin with. However, it does not mean that you should throw it away and start to purchase new cloths. By wearing what you already own, you do not need to waste new materials, water, and energy to produce and shipping it. You should not wash your clothes too much. Washing machines are consuming huge amounts of water and energy. Using harsh detergents and chemicals also bring harms to environment. You should wash your full loads less frequently. If it is possible, line it dry. If you can, you should avoid dry cleaning.

Sustainable fashion is not about new items. It is about second-hand or recycled items. If you need to buy something, you should go for vintage shopping. Purchasing used clothing means you recycle it. This simple act is able to save it from the landfill. It is even better since you do not need additional resources to produce it. When you are shopping, it is also necessary for you to purchase the clothing which lasts. It is recommended for you to purchase clothes which are able to last for years. It does not mean its durability but also timeliness in style. You might want to get classic dress which is made with inorganic cotton that can last for 20 years. It is a lot of more eco-friendly than trendy clothing made of organic hemp which can be worn only for one season.

When you are planning to pull of sustainable fashion, you should shop the new clothes from recycled materials. It is quite easy for you to find the brands which are using recycled materials. You do not need to worry if the design is dull since today sustainable fashion is designed with many beautiful and attractive styles. Another option which you have is new clothes and accessories which are made of recycled non-clothing. The new technologies currently make it possible for people to use objects such as plastic water bottles to make sweaters and socks. You can even find handbag which is made of recycled candy wrappers and shoes from old rubber tires.

Sustainable fashion requires you getting organic fabrics. Many retailers and fashion design labels are now using organic fabrics. These fabrics are including organic cotton, linen, wool, and hemp. To be certified organic, the natural materials much be farmed without any pesticides and herbicides. You need to be careful with green marketing which is used by many companies. Make sure you really know the company and its history before shopping there.

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