Teenage Beauty Tips and Advice

Being a teenager should consider about makeup for beauty and interesting look. When you begin apply the makeup thinking about the best figure of you without over doing it. The natural makeup makes you beauty totally.

Skin care tips

-Acnes and blemishes

Who do care about acnes and blemishes? To care and avoid the acnes and blemishes you should keep your face and hair clean. Easy way to do, wash your hand frequently and always keep them from you face. To avoid both of them you can use beauty product are available on the market. There many beauty product, choose the right one that is appropriate with your skin.


For moisturizer, choose the product with formulated for light skin care. Using the moisturizer extremely useful for wreak havoc because acnes or pimples. For best result, apply the moisturizer only one a day before you getting sleep. Apply them for entire your face.

Makeup for teenager

-Keep to clean

Before you applying the makeup on your face, the first apply the moisturizer to make your face keep always healthy skin. Get used to the moisturizer with in every twice a day and routine use this general skin care.

-Hands off

Avoid using the hand when you apply the moisturizer because it will make get the bacteria. Do not share products although with your friends. Keep it out.


Type of these makeup is not really necessity for teenage, because it will make get the clog your pores. Do not apply the foundation, you can change with concealer. Use a concealer on your blemishes only. If you have been apply the concealer you can apply a powder over you entire face to control oil on your face.

-Eye makeup

Eye makeup is important to make your eye look beauty and interesting. But do not apply to much, for teenage the minimum and natural makeup is enough. Choose the light eye make for your eye. The light eye makeup like light brown, yellow, blue, gray and earth tone color. These eye makeups are appropriate for blue, hazel and brown eyes color tone.

After that, use the mascara to make your eye interest look. Mascara makes your eyelash look thick and amazing look. Use the waterproof mascara for perfect look. The waterproof mascara is the best and most often choice. With waterproof mascara provide the durable for all day. This is extremely appropriate for outdoor activities in warmth weather such as sport.

And then use the eyeliner. The eyeliner is available in 2 type, pencil liner and liquid liner. You can get both of products available on the market. For best result, you can use pencil liner to much easier than liquid liner.

-Blush on

Give accentuate on your cheek with peach and pink color tone. Apply the blush on to minimum. Blend both of them color to provide the good effect on your cheek.


Apply lip balm or lip gloss on your lips to final touch. Lip gloss makes your lips more shine. Lip balm gives the healthy lips. So choose the right one for you.

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