Teenage Beauty Tips

When you going to be a teenager, you should consider about your beauty of the body and face totally. However, you should use the make up for

Makeup for teenagers

In applying the eye makeup, you just apply for the natural makeup is enough. For eye makeup teenager is suitable for use any trendy metallic’s and sparkles sparingly makeup. The light eye makeup is the best choice for your eye. Use the eye shadow to look beauty and interesting. You can use earth tone such as brown, gray, and tan color tones. These colors are complementary with brown, blue and hazel eyes color.

Do not forget to use the mascara. Mascara is useful to make your eye more beauty and make your eyelash thicker than previously. Use the black mascara for best works. Waterproof mascara is the popular mascara for everyone. Use waterproof for more durable for all day. You can get for long lasting when you are in outdoor activities in warm weather such as sport. Show off your beauty and thick eyelash with waterproof mascara to keep eyelash for all day.

Use the eyeliner for the perfect look. This is the last eye makeup. Use the pencil liner for look natural thin than liquid liner. And also pencil liner also easier to use than liquid liner. Prepare a tissue to clean the mess liner. Learn to apply it with a steady hand for straight lines.

Actually, foundation for teenager is not necessary, because it can clog your pores totally and make acnes comes. Use a concealer on your blemishes only. And then apply a powder over your entire face to even out your skin tone.

How about blush on? Actually blush on for teenager is also not necessary. But for look beauty and interesting you can makeup to minimum. Use the stick and liquid blush is the popular choice for teenager as like you. Why? Because it will give the good effect and blend as well. Use peach and pink color if compliment for any skin tone.

Apply lips to minimum lip-gloss. Lip gloss is the best choice for teenagers. Before you apply lip gloss, the first apply lipstick in a sheer color and then for more shine, apply the lip gloss on over your lipstick. You can choose lip balm for moisture your lip and give the healthy lips.

Skin Care Tips

Pimples and Blemishes

Acne is the most concern for teenager. To avoid the pimples and blemishes, you should keep you always clean and away from your face. To avoid of them you can buy the beauty product. There are many products for it. That is more effective to remove the acnes

Moisturizer is needed for teenage skin. Try to use the light moisturizer only once a day, before you get the sleep. Apply the moisturizer on your entire face to your face keep healthy and moist. Apply the moisturizer only on dry areas.

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