Teenage Makeup Tips and Advice

Some teenage is more concerned to use the makeup for look flawless. But for other think that wear the makeup will make you old enough. Do not worry; applying the makeup for teen and old people is different. For teenage you can apply to minimum makeup. The minimum makeup is enough and will make you attract and beauty enough.

Below this is the tips about makeup for teenage and advice for it. Check below this J

What is the teenage makeup tip?

-The first thing for begin is applying the foundation. Actually foundation isn’t something teenager must use, because it will clog you pores and acnes comes if you not remove them at the night. Skip the foundation and you can change the foundation with wear a concealer. В Applying the concealer entire you face. Use a concealer for the best work. Then, apply the powder makeup to minimum.

-Blush on

Apply to minimum blush on your cheek as accentuate. Choose pink and peach color for perfect look. Blend both of them to give the best color tone.

-Eye shadow

Experiment the eye shadow for a lot of fun. For best result, choose the natural color such as gray, blue, light brown and earth tone color for look best on your eye. These eye shadow colors are appropriate with hazel, blue and brown eye color tone. If you getting the parties, you can add the glittery colors.

-Eye liner

There are 2 types of eye liner, liquid liner and pencil liner. Choose the pencil liner for easier to use than liquid liner. Apply it with a steady hand for the straight lines. Do not forget to prepare the tissue to remove the mess liner.


Mascara makes your eyelash thicker. Choose the waterproof mascara for best result and during for all the day.


This is the final touch for teenage makeup. You can use lip gloss or lip balm. Lip gloss gives the shine lips. How about lip balm? Lip balm makes your lip more healthy and moist. Choose the right one of you.

What is the general makeup advice for teenage?

In applying makeup, teenage need some advice to look pretty and also keep the

For teenage no need applies makeup too much. The natural and tiny makeup is enough. Keep your all makeup to a minimum on your face. Do not forget to check the makeup in daylight possible and do not afraid to swipe off with the tissue for any access.

This is the one of most important thing you have to know is remove your makeup on your face before you get the bedtime. Never go to bed with makeup on and get used to remove them. This is useful for avoid from skin irritation occur and avoid from the skin problem.

You can use the wet tissue special for makeup remove which cannot clogged pores. Or you can use petroleum jelly to remove it all.

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