The Battle Of The Running Tops

In my quest to find the perfect running vest that also looks as good as it performs, my attention was brought to two potential contenders – the HyBreeze Strap Athletic Generator Top by BodyPost, and Under Armours Interval Singlet Running Tank Top.

I have tested them out, and judged them against criteria I deem to be most important in a running vest. Both tops are of a similar style, and both claim to offer cutting edge technology to enhance performance in all running conditions. My test was to put them both through a five mile run, and see not only how comfortable they were, but also how cool and dry they kept me, and how good they looked after the run.

My first impression of the BodyPost top was that it was looked great, but I wasn’t convinced that a garment that had such an emphasis on style would have much substance. I have to say that I was very pleasantly proved wrong on this, and the BodyPost moisture transport system that is incorporated into the fabric certainly did the job – I still felt cool and dry even towards the end of my faced paced five mile run.

The extra bust support provided by the built in shelf bra was also a welcome addition – something that makes all the difference in comfort and confidence when performing high intensity activity.

The top also stayed firmly in place throughout the run – there is nothing more annoying than a top that “rides up” when exercising, and I am pleased to say I did not experience this problem.

At the end of the run, I was unable to get home to change for around half an hour, and by this time the top was completely dry – in fact you were unable to tell I had been exercising! I would also feel confident enough to wear this top after an exercise session, for example, to stop for a drink in the bar at the gym, without having to change into something else, as it is very flattering fit and look.

After using the top, I also washed it with the rest of my laundry, and it came out looking just as good with no need to iron. It was dry and ready a few hours later ready to be used again. This top is available in two sizes and comes in black, white and blue colors. It is offered on the BodyPost website for $ 28 including delivery.

The Womens Interval Singlet by Under Armour looks, on the surface, to be a more serious piece of running kit, and as such, I was expecting a higher level of performance from it.

I chose the medium which is my usual size, however, I had to exchange for a large size, due to the small sizing of this garment.

The top held up well on the run and I felt the moisture transportation system and strategic ventilation technology did their job well. However, I did feel slightly uncomfortable as the back of the garment seemed to pull strangely. This was not a huge issue, but still worth noting.

The top also has an ant-odour system which is an added bonus for long runs. The top, however, does not include any bust support, which I feel is an important factor for me when choosing a tank top for running. It is also quite loose and baggy; depending on your preference, you may prefer something more feminine and fitted.

This top is definitely at home in a running or athletic environment, but as soon as I had finished my activity I would change out of it.

The top washed very well, and again didn’t take long to dry. It costs $ 24.99 from the Under Armour website.

Based on all of the above criteria, my overall winner is the BodyPost Athletic Generator Top. The main reasons why I chose this top is based on the added bust support and more feminine and flattering appearance, whilst still having the cooling and dryness technology offered by the Under Armour top.

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