The Best Make Up for Halloween

Makeup is much needed for all occasion. Makeup can make you look beauty or creepy. It is just depending on moment that you go. One of them, moment that you have to applying makeup is Halloween festival.

Halloween is a festival that celebrates every 31 October night. They are typically wear the horror costume and around from one door to other door to ask for candy or chocolate and say trick or treat! Halloween is identical with devil, witch, and other creepy creatures.

Halloween is most popular in USA. Children are usually still following this festival. This is not creepy but look to fun for many children.

To make Halloween festival more real you need makeup and costume. Both of this is very needed to make a great character.

Other than, consider about costume, makeup also become consideration to make you look as real zombie. At the Halloween festival you are much needed applying make up to make look perfect and animate the character.

In applying make you should

How to make zombie makeup?

Zombies are the popular characters for Halloween. If you want to know how to apply the zombie makeup, check this outJ. Here are a few guides for zombie makeup:

    1. Before you apply the zombie makeup you should prepare the object and tool such as liquid latex, toilet paper, make up kit, and white face cream.
    2. The next you have to do is apply a thin of liquid latex to the subject face. Apply to whole of face. And wait for 15 minute for it to dry. Do not touch your face area because it can mess the makeup.
    1. Applying the toilet paper and liquid latex to give a lot of effect of different skin. It can make so amazing totally. Apply in your both of cheeks and Wait for it to dry. Make your face gross looking with toilet paper and liquid latex.
    2. The next step is applying a brown makeup. We are almost done, for make look more real applying a brown make up to look same as zombie. Start with the lightest color and move darker.
    3. We are almost done. Giving a bleeding makeup. This is useful to make it as like real zombie. First, give some gross looking white skin on your face. Then adding a bleeding effect to make look perfect.
  1. The next make you should apply is give the darken makeup around your eyes and mouth as you like. So, try this makeup when Halloween comes.
  2. The last step is buying some old clothes, rub them in the dirt and ruin them. Wear this costume is a great addition to make you look as real zombie.

If festivals Halloween is done. В Do not forget to removes the makeup on your face. Make sure you remove the makeup because it can make a few worst such as eye irritation, darken lips, wrinkled, eyelash loss and acnes. Maybe some tips can you references. Thank you J

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