Treatment for Black and Red Hair

Human hair color has much type of texture and color. The most common of hair color is black. Black is a darkest color from all of hair color. Commonly, black hair was origin from Africa and Asia. В Even though has many way and technique for coloring hair, black hair still become a choice for some people. They claimed that black hair more look natural than other. Even your hair have a black color, you have to still make it shiny and bright. Black and red hair is a different type of color, but it has similar of treatment. The simply treatment is can you do at home by yourself.

Natural Way for Shiny Hair

Mayonnaise, usually you use this ingredient for make salad dressing, but you know what that it can give moisture for your hair. You can apply the mayonnaise to your scalp. The amount of using the mayonnaise is depending on your thickness of hair. If you feel that your scalp has produced a lot of natural oil, you do not need too much mayonnaise. For maximize result, you can wrap your black and red hair with shower cap. After you rub your scalp with mayonnaise, you have to be patient by rest your hair for half hours. It will help mayonnaise to absorb very well to your scalp. After that, do not forget to rinse your hair by high quality shampoo.

If you have not mayonnaise, you can use eggs as your natural treatment. Mayonnaise basically made from eggs. So, eggs can be a substitute for you. Eggs believed can bring back your shine of black and red hair. It is very simple way. You only need to crack two to four eggs, it depend on size and length of your hair. After that you can separate between white and yolk. Aside the white eggs from yolk. In the other bowl, pour some olive oil until cover up your egg yolk. Then, mix all of together. Shampoo and rub your hair with warm water and put your egg mixture into your black and red hair. be patient by let it rest for a while, you only need 5-6 minutes. After that you can rinse your hair neatly.

Another option beside egg and mayonnaise is yoghurt. Yoghurt is not good for your diet program. It is also good for your black and red hair. You should use plain yoghurt, it would be better if you can find Greek yoghurt. Brush and rub your hair with plain yoghurt. If you use flavor yoghurt, it is not good for your hair. Because it is contain of sugar and coloring. Spread all of yoghurt to your hair. for relax result, you also can give a massage to your hair. After that, let nutrition of yoghurt absorb very well in 20-30 minutes. Then, rinse your black and red hair.

Another natural source that can make smooth and shiny look for hair is Aloe Vera and honey. Have you know that Aloe Vera is very best plant to use as conditioner and rebuilding agent. By adding honey, it is able to make a shiny look for hair. Mixture it well together then put on your hair and leaves it around 10 minutes. After that, you can rinse with quality shampoo.

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Fashion Trends related to Treatment for Black and Red Hair

Everyone has a different type of hair color. Type of hair color is dividing in some variety such as brown, blonde, black, auburn and red. Hair color is effect of pigment of human. Pigment adjust your hair color that differentiate in two part are eumelanin and feomelanin. Melanin is producing a dark brown hair color. Sometimes, hair color was depending of human biological. Eumenanin produce a dark color for human. Tirosin that contained of eumenanin was effected .

Many people think that gray hair is related to the old age. However, gray hair actually can happen in many young people. Not all many people are fine with gray hair. They will try to find the best way to bring back their original color of their hair. One of the best ways to do this is by using hair color. However, this hair dye is made of chemical substances such as ammonia and ammonium. These chemical .

Add highlight to your hair means you need to pick the right color that will suit to your hair color. Choosing highlight color for your hair is not the thing that will be able to be done easily. Instead, you will have it is quite difficult to pick the right highlight color. Burgundy will be another highlight color that you need to consider when you might plan to have it as your highlight color. There will be .

Brown hair is only having for several people. Sometime they feel bored with brown hair look. So, they make their brown hair with blonde highlight. Brown hair claimed that very susceptible with dullness. The dullness of your brown hair would be make one dimensional look. It does not look rich as you want. As you know, that brown hair has a high maintenance than other hair type of color. You should choose shampoo that does not contain .

Some people born with black hair are not that brave when it comes to hair coloring because they are afraid of looking imperfect with the new hair color they wear, but no need to care about what other people say to you, their judgment will be nothing if you yourself is fine and excited with the hair color you choose. You see that there are many celebrities who have black hair like Asians or African-Americans have their .

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