Types Brown Hair Colors

Blonde and red hairs are popular but your hair can also be changed into brown hair because this is also included in the most popular hair colors that can be chosen for your new hair color but before starting to have the brown hair color, you must know the types brown hair colors first. When the right brown hair color is already known, this can be picked then and if the switch is going to be made to a darker color and the transition wants to be made smoothly, this needs to be established if your skin tone is warm or cool. The veins in your arms can be looked at so this can be checked easily.

The green tinged veins will be resulted by those with a warm skin color and those with blue veins are cool and if you are included in the cool one, flat, ash and coffee colored types brown hair colors can be tried. Those are highly recommended to you especially if you are blessed with deep brown or black eyes, grey or dark blue eyes or hazel, and you are also blessed with fair with pink undertones, ruddy with pink undertones and freckles, olive or slightly beige in color with yellow undertones and dark with pink undertones. So, these are some recommendations that can be considered by you.

If you are blessed with golden brown, green or hazel with brown flecks eyes, and your skin is blessed with light with golden undertones, pale with peach, red and golden undertones, tan or beige with brown undertones or dark with golden undertones, you are included in the warm one. Therefore, mocha, chestnut and caramel types brown hair colors must be tried by you. After knowing these, the right hair color can then be used by you as well.

The first one of the hair colors that can be used by you is permanent hair color and with this, the brown hair as you can use so your hair can be made dark brown, light brown and any other types brown hair colors shade in between will definitely be achieved. The chemicals are used by the permanent ones so the hair strands can be altered permanently but the new growth will not be affected by the permanent dye. Alternatively, demi-permanent color is also okay but the lighter brown shades will not be helped by this one.

The last is semi-permanent hair color and temporary hair color and you will be given with a darker brown shade for around six to eight shampoos before the color can be faded out and this is done by the semi-permanent one. However, the temporary hair color can be chosen by you if you only need hair color to be lasted for a wash. Before coloring your hair, that these are already understood by you must be made sure.

Now, after the types brown hair colors are understood, your brown hair color can be matched with everything else like makeup. Good luck for coloring your hair with brown hair color and hopefully, everything goes well. If you find some difficulties, just ask the professional stylist for the problem.

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