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Determine the right shoe size can be quite tricky. When you are shopping, you might only see 38 Euro or European measurements. You should know that United States imports some shoes from Euro and Euro shoes are using Euro number which is European measurement for shoe size. If the shoes have 38 Euro size, it is similar to 7 ВЅ U. S. shoe size for women shoes. Before you are going for shoe shopping, it will be useful for you to know how to convert European shoe sizes to U. S. shoe sizes. Here are some useful tips on UK shoe size conversion to USA .

Before learning on UK shoe size conversion to USA, you might want to know brief information on UK and US shoe size. The system for UK shoe sizes was developed about 150 years ago. At that time, an inch was used to define the length of three-barleycorns.

The barleycorn measurement which was 1/3 of an inch kept being used for the measurement standard. The man’s shoe size starts at size zero (8 2/3 inches) and it is increasing by one barleycorn (1/3 inch) per shoe size. There are some shops in UK which are using Brannock device. It has the function to measure both length and width of feet.

Different to UK shoe size, there are some methods which are used to determine the shoe size. The shoe size begins at size one not zero. The shoe size for women is measured in similar manner to men. However, men’s size is added with 1.5 sizes. Because of the standard, U. S. men’s shoe sizes are one size larger while U. S. women’s sizes are 2.5 sizes larger than UK size. USA also uses the Brannock Device. The system which is using five-millimeter increments is used by some shoe manufacturers especially which manufacture athletic shoes. After learning this, let us move to UK shoe size conversion to USA.

The first thing to do in UK shoe size conversion to USA is taking European measurement before subtracting 30 from it. This step is necessary to get women US shoe size. If your shoe has 35 Euro size, you should subtract 30 to discover the woman’s US size which is 5. A shoe which has 36.5 Euro would be 6 ВЅ for woman US shoe size.

If you want to get the UK shoe size conversion to USA for men’s shoes, you need to take European measurement before subtracting 31 ВЅ from the size. In case your shoe sa >UK shoe size conversion to USA require you subtracting 15 from Euro measurement to convert infant shoes. If the baby size 1, it means the size in the United States is 16. The counting is 16-15=1. For toddler, you need to subtract 16 from Euro measurement. In case, the Euro size is 22, it means the US size is 6. This measurement is not always the accurate result. You should use the measurement as guidance. You have to try the shoes to see whether it really fits with your feet or not.

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Fashion Trends related to UK Shoe Size Conversion To USA

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