Vegan Clothing From Vaute Couture

People who have favor in vegan style might already know about Vaute Couture. This is spelled for Haute Couture. The V here is for vegan but it is said like Vote or Vaute. If you still do not know Vaute Couture is independent fashion house. It was founded by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart. Her main vision and mission is to develop apparel and fabrics which are much better than wearing animals.

Leanne stopped her modeling contract with Ford models. Instead, she dedicated herself for MBA at DePaul University to create the future of fashion. However, she did not forget her own mission to take out animals out from fashion equation. She promised that she will give her all to create something better for fashion. The history of Vaute Couture cannot be separated from Leanne’s history. She started her mission by creating perfect winter dress coat. Her main inspiration is lifetime cold winters in Chicago.

The first Vaute Couture collection was High Ethics vegan with 8 months of fabric R&D and community voted on designs. It was made of recyclable and recycled fibers. All the collections are produced locally. It is also important to note that first collection was warmer than wool, windproof, snow resistant, rain resistant, and heat retaining. All collections had the look and feel of winter dress coat but still kinder to the world. To make it simple, it is designed with all necessities to fight cold harsh winter while maintaining your style.

The line was launched in summer of 2009 to hundreds of preorders and they would wait for months before receiving them. It allowed Leanne to produce her custom fabrics with the same cutting edge mills which would work with Patagonia and North Face. Many people were attracted to her idea which is the combination of perfect coat and warmth and protection of performance fabrics. It is also supported with luxurious textures and cuts of dress coats. This is the part of history from Vaute Couture.

The premiere of all Vegan collection by Vaute Couture at New York City’s fashion week in February 2013 has attracted many people. There are many reasons why it attracts many fashionistas. The main reason is because the idea of no fur and no leather. It is known that runways are common place for leather and fur. The idea is quite anathema to any Fashion week sensibility.

Vaute Couture held another fashion show in New York City. In this event, the makeup was provided by vegan skincare, The Body Shop. They provided 100% vegan and cruelty free makeup look for the show. The makeup artist is Khadija Amon-ra.

If you think vegan clothing is far from interesting, you should check Vaute Couture collection. Leanner has the mission to develop clothing line with cut, style, and fabric which are much better than wearing fur and leather. You are recommended to check all collections from Vaute Couture. Their collections have attracted many people before. If you are interested to support green fashion, go to their Vaute Couture official website and browse their collection.

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