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Victoria Beckham is already popular as one of the best fashion icons in the world. This member of Spice Girls is not only beautiful but also attractive. The reason why people know her as the fashion icon is because she keeps updating her fashion style and she always has new ideas which can be followed by many people. You might know that she is now not active in her singing career anymore.

Instead, she started her career as fashion designer and also activist in the fashion world. Her style is involving the glorious and elegant characteristic. It can be seen many women are applying her idea as fashion inspiration. It is including Victoria Beckham heels ideas.

In finding the best Victoria Beckham heels ideas, you should consider getting 7 inches Victoria Beckham heels style. By wearing 7 inches Victoria Beckham heels style, you will be able to recreate the style which is used by Victoria Beckham. Generally, Victoria is wearing these heels in her semi formal look. You might see her wearing these heels when she is holding her baby daughter. To find the perfect combination for these cream 7 inches Victoria Beckham heels, pink short dress with short sleeves will be good option. Combine those clothing aspects with long natural brown wavy hair cut. Apply brighter highlight to the hair cut. When Victoria is wearing this idea, she has semi formal look which is calm and also pretty for mother look.

Another option of Victoria Beckham heels ideas which you can consider is higher Victoria Beckham heels on stilettos. The stilettos worn by Victoria Beckham are the black stilettos which have higher height than 7 inches high heels. Combine these heels with black leather jacket. For the pant option, you should choose black skinny jeans.

When you are looking for information on Victoria Beckham heels ideas, you might see some news on her showing in the public without wearing heels. There was a period when Victoria was not allowed by her doctor to wear heels because of slipped disc in her lower back. Her doctor thought that wearing high heels would bring too much risk to her fragile condition. Due to this reason, she was told to wear flats since these would ease the pain. As the result, you saw her wearing flats at New York Fashion Week.

People were wondering what she would wear in this prestigious event since she was not allowed to wear any high heel. It is known that Victoria never goes out from her home without her stilettos which even she is wearing during her third trimester of pregnancy. Victoria surprised the public with stunning boots. These boots are made of patent leather materials. The thigh-high PVC boots come with 5 and half inch platform but without any heel. These boots are designed by Italian fashion designer, Berardi. He specially designed these unbelievable heels-less boots for Victoria. According to Berardi, the new boots are comfortable enough since they are well balanced. When you are looking for the best Victoria Beckham heels ideas , you should consider your own body shape. Make sure the heels are good for your own body shape and do not force yourself with the models.

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