Vintage Clothing, Great fashion trend today

Vintage fashion is a fashion trend that has always been associated with different periods of history over time. Vintage style clothing is the mother of fashion trends, and off the catwalk today. The modaVintage expressed in commercial terms, it covers the period between the 20s to the 1980s.

Fashion is a term that has always been linked to art, film, culture and the historical and cultural context of the time. Undoubtedly, fashion has been inspired in the different decades of the twentieth century.

Likewise, Vintage is a term that goes back decades. And designers and fashion experts saw heave and cultural movements of the time irrefutably marked a clear trend in fashion.

What is fashionable retro

In the 20 or 20 happy years, the cultural movement Art Deco was on top and this meant a reflection on the designs of women’s clothing in the current fashion. Where curves subtly hinted women and mingled with the Charleston style. Happy 20s marked trend. Menswear was left female influence. Pleated pants high-waisted coats, shirts straight cut and the famous sophisticated evening dresses with hats shaped cap and short hair.

Speaking of fashion in the 30s undeniably the terms elegance and sophistication go hand in hand. The trend at the moment is characterized by using very waisted garments and clothing combined with short jackets.

In the 40s he gave way to the femme fatale. It is characterized by a wavy wear gloves elbow length hair and long skirts and dresses. The style becomes more conservative yet glamorous.

50 predominate flared skirts and pastel colors. Knee length dresses and “wasp waist” is characterized.

Revolution in fashion

In the 60s and 70s a revolution occurred in all areas of society and was clearly reflected in fashion. This is the decade where the miniskirt was born, the pop and Flower Power movement. Completely change the way you dress and fun. It is characterized as an urban teen fashion.

The style of the 1980s hits by the use of strong colors but the most characteristic is the Punk style and use of shoulder pads. In addition, supplements begin to gain importance as the ornate faded jeans wear bracelets or use. Some famous implemented to make your fashion style. For example Madonna with fishnet stockings, leggings, Tops, rhinestone chains and fingerless gloves. In this sense, Michael Jackson popularized jackets and leather pants.

In short, the current fashion is governed by trends yesterday. You can say Retro sells and is a trend that is fashionable.

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