Weaves Hair Color Chart

Weaves hair color chart is needed to organize the hair as well accordance the hair color that, because each color have a degree for it. Organize the weaves hair color is typically for beauty shop as catalog of them. This is extremely useful for knowing the hair ready stock in beauty shop.

How to weaves the hair color chart?

In organize the weaves hair color there are step by step you have to know. For it, in this case we will explain about it. Hopefully this article gives your information when you want to make weaves hair color. For more information, check listed below J

      Before you begin the step, >-Dark tones: black, off black, dark brown, darker brown, dark brown, chestnut brown, dark ash brown, ash brown

    -Mid tones: brown, light brown, copper gold, cinnamon, deep copper

    -Light tones:В honey, sunlit gold, platinum blond

    -Mix tones 1: salt and paper, light brown gold, light dark gold, dark blonde mix, brown mix, sun mix

    -Mix tones 2: for mix tones, it is residual of color from color above. Burgundy, tomato red, pearl red, red, ruby red, orange, yellow, green, purple, violet, hot pinks and many other.

      1. Prepare the catalog, hair, clip and comb. Make sure you have all of these tools.
      2. Give the symbolized for each hair that you want. For example, you can use the alphabet and number. Using these symbolized is easy to try and you can get the easy ways when find the hair color that you want. That is also most popular symbolize often used for color chart.
      3. Prepare the monitor or catalog for it. And then stick hair on the catalog. Before you clip the hair, try to brush the hair with comb or w >

      If you do not have supplies of hair, you can buy a weave that is made from natural hair. Nowadays, the weaves hair many on sale

      If you are difficulty to determine the color, you can ask a professional hair colorist to help you when maintain the weaves hair in catalog.

      This is article about Weaves hair color chart. Use this tips as your references when you want to begin the weaves hair color chart. Wait for the next our article. Thank you

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