Who Wants A Spanish fashion?

The fall in consumption is by bringing back the liquidity needs of fashion companies. This is not a new phenomenon, they have always had, especially those competing teach in the middle of the market, that is, where there is more competition. In this situation, companies seek outlets such as entry into its capital to new partners.

International firms such as Roberto Cavalli and Christian Lacroix are starting sales processes and, to a greater or lesser extent, they get to receive offers. In Spain, however, interested parties can not reach. And it is not because the Spanish brands need not open its capital or a venture capital fund or a larger firm.

What happens to the Spanish fashion? Does anyone want it? The problem of most domestic firms have the same problem: its corporate structure. Thus, most of Spanish brands that walk their names by walkways as Cibeles lack of business vision, so their acquisition would be extremely costly.

The impediment to close operations in Spain is not, however, the initial investment. Moreover, this figure would result in most cases negligible and virtually reduced to the subjective assessment of the brand in question. The problem is the payment that would require the restructuring of the firms, with transfer of management, creation of business structures and growth plans.

But according to several analysts agree, the biggest fear of investors are the designers. In Spain, much of the fashion houses are closely related to the designer who gives name (usually their own), so that the buyer should deal with the ego which until now had been the owner.

In Italy, the figure of the creator is also important, but in the Alpine country marriage between design and industry worked, so designer behind everything there is a good business manager.

As shown, a button. Custo Barcelona was one of the Spanish companies that has openly initiated a sales process. Despite being a major national fashion firms, the company has failed to find a partner, so, finally, seems to have given up their plans.

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