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Winter season is very cold; therefore for you who live in country that has winter season or want to holiday, you should prepare your cloth as well, so that you do not feel cold, because cold will make you sick, therefore it is important to prevent illness with using a good and warm cloth. Even though, woman always want to look beautiful and fashionable in every occasion, include winter season. You will still look beautiful and fashionable during winter, with many tips below:

1. В You should prepare warm clothes and equipment to reduce the cold. Choose a jacket or coat that is not easy to absorb water, so keep your body warm. If necessary, wear several layers of clothing under the jacket or coat. There are many jacket or coat that can be as a good reference for you to look beautiful and fashionable:

  • A coat with dark color is the best for you during winter, like brown, black, dark blue or cream. Black coat is often used by women during winter, because this color is neutral and suitable with any color for inner. If you want to choose the bright color, you can choose the color that you like, while it is matching with your appearance.
  • You can choose leather jacket with dark color, like black or dark brown; it is very suitable for women during winter and it can absorb water. Choose shirt as inner and you can match with scarf that has the same color like your inner.

2. В Not only the body that should be protected from low temperatures, ears, hands, neck, and feet should always be protected because it is very sensitive to cold air. Prepare scarves, head coverings, gloves and socks. There are the best color and mode that suitable for fashionable women:

    • Bright scarf is the best for you during winter; it can help you to keep warm and fashionable. Bright scarf on your neck can also make your face shiny, because of winter that feel cold and make your face pale. Choose the best color of scarf that suitable with your inner or your shoes to look match.
    • Earplug is also need for winter if you want to traveling or hol >

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