Women Fshion Trends 2013

The year of 2013 is definitely a new year to think about the hottest fashion trends. This is probably a basic need for all people in the worlds, especially women. Women are known as a major concern in fashion, hence, you can se there are more fashion trends for women then fashion trends for men. Under this concern, today we are going to start our discussion about fashion trends with women’s fashion trends 2013 according to several famous designers in the world. We will divide the discussion into two subtopics, the first is Spring and Summer trends and the second is Autumn and Winter trends.

2013 Fashion Trends for women

People said that a new year also means a new change of wardrobe. It means that you have to always keep your wardrobe up to date. According to the fashion experts, this year will still be dominated by vintage style. You can see various dresses and clothes with monochrome color play, oriental style, and also bold graphic prints. There is also faux flower floral and also stripes with jumbo size dominating the trends of women’s fashion this year. You are probably already itching to get to know the hottest fashion for women this year so we are going to straightly start the discussion with the Spring and Summer fashion trends.

2013 Women Jeans Store

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends

It will be right if we start the discussion of women’s fashion trends 2013 with the fashion trends for Spring and Summer season first. as it has been briefly mentioned previously, the Spring and Summer fashion trends in this 2013 will be dominated by faux floral theme and also huge sized stripes. Paul Smith has got a great combination of white and colors of jumbo sized stripes for his collections. Be it a short Summer dress or pants, this idea of fashion trends will definitely never fade. As an alternative, you can also choose the conventional white and black stripes. The direction of the stripes, of course, can vary from horizontal stripes like Acne’s, vertical stripes like Tommy Hilfiger or combination like Dolce & Gabbana’s.

Aside from stripes, faux floral design is also claimed to be the fashion trends for Spring and Summer season 2013. For example, you can take a look at the collection of Mary Katrantzou for this season then you will find beautiful nature and floral prints with mixed colors dominating the collection. You can also see the sense of oriental prints dominating the season trends, for example, the collection of Geisha, Issa London, Jean Paul Gaultier, and many more.

The Latest Fashion Trends For Women 2013

Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends

After we have discussed about the women’s fashion trends 2013 for Spring and Summer season, now is the time for Autumn and Winter collection. Actually, there are slight differences between the two season’s theme, such as the choice of fabric, the colors and also the prints. There are a lot of popular designers, such as Louis Vuitton, Paco Rabanne, and Christopher Kane, use gun metal silver or metallic as the dominant color for their Autumn Winter collection. The design is also made like a shield silhouette or armored suit.

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