World of children today is ok or not

Kids today
Everyone knows that children today are far more intelligent than we were. Why? This is a question that is easy to answer. today have access to information faster and more stuff than we had developed. I do not know if it is good or not, but many parents so they can work that have brought the work or to relax lets children play on online gaming sites where you can find all kinds of games such as : Barbie games, dress up, makeup, cooking games, and more girl games where our children can learn a lot better how to cook, to match different objects with different accessories inbracaminte. But the question that now is good or bad we can mature too quickly or offset the time that new parents should spend it with them.

I have read several articles on this topic are many pros and cons, I believe from my own experience that it is better to let them play games but that does not incite violence or to an early start of sexual life. My daughter loves dress up type games, and since it down to play I noticed some changes in her behavior such as by now I never said that any article of clothing does not look good, dress with the I told him.

But I also noticed a few things that do not I like, first of all that all day would be just in front of the computer to play, which is not good because it can create an addiction, which can lead to many troubles. Recently I heard the news, like a boy of 12 years, died because they stayed too long at the computer, where they play a game of strategy, because they stayed too long in the same position (was focused on the game) was made ​​a blood clot that reached the heart and the blocked an artery.
I think it’s ok let them play but within certain limits and fart carefully monitored by us.

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