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That is why fashion, with its own language, causing attractive in those who observe, completing a course Young fashion, fashion is sometimes used by young people as flag for expressions of rebellion against all that which you disagree or reaffirmed. So much so that young people are the main promoters of the new designs of clothes, shoes, hairstyles, makeup or other body adornments, well marked expression of internal conflicts that have not been able to solve and take fashion as a pretext to externalize.

Although young people are the most daring and original in this sense, it is also true that fashion is a component of society with which nobody wants to distance itself totally. Young fashion can even rejuvenate, and even though some gray peinemos.

Something very interesting in fashion, is that this is taken up from time to time but not in exactly the same way that was already used, and young people are the protagonists of this cultural transformation. For example, the miniskirt, now taken up by the youth design, bell bottoms that were back in fashion for almost 10 years was used in the 70s of the last century. This shows how young people appreciate the trends of the time of their parents and grandparents.

Latest trends in fashion young youth

Fashion is a sociocultural component, defining times, lifestyles and ideologies powerfully defends authentically human beings, especially the youth who is who has had to be championed in this regard.

The young man with a great sense of originality without fear of failure, struggles to express his feelings, as an expressive vehicle taking fashion.

You often find a home where dwells a teenager or one less teenager, but also young, who want to use the creeps, or pants cut tube, or pirsin, to mention some of the prevailing trends in youth, it is to I believe a certain way of life, which expands collectively.

Young people today have realized that their clothing says a thousand words. Dress fashionably is played by youth as a language, a way of saying: “I’m like you”, “I like you”. Of course, while other fashion does not exceed limits of behavioral nature and only stay in the expressive and decorative sense of the image.

With this reflection, try fleshing a well thorny issue by parents or other members of society linking fashion to other personality disorders that have nothing to do with using the creeps, the pirsin or trousers well close.

A very original way of saying: “I’m not small,” “I’m already autonomous”, is determining what clothes I wear without my parents are those who choose me. One way to prove that I am a member of a large group that is called youth, is still similar in their modes of dress without however extravagant a fashion that is lacerate and deteriorate the image of a person.

The latest fashion trends used by young people, may seem ridiculous, but have meaning. The clothes they wear, the way they comb or the accessories used, pursue the objective of reflecting his own identity because definitely looking to be accepted by the other members of the group.

Now, as a cultural phenomenon fashion should be an element that is metered and monitored very closely by parents and society as dress fashion does not mean accurately copy of disordered life styles.

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